Five years down the line after the gospel artist Harris Chiwalo released his Ndinu Mulungu album, he is back on the stage with Step Two.

Speaking in an Interview, Chiwalo said all is set for the launch which will take place on September 7 at Hotel Victoria in Blantyre.

“All is set for the Step Two Album launch, the concert seeks to share a decent live music experience with a mature audience,” Chiwalo said.

Harris Chiwalo – To launch album

According to Chiwalo his fans should be ready to capture the dynamic energy and spontaneous moments of his live performances .

“We will beat the best,” promised the ndinu nokha hit maker

The talented youthful gospel icon describes his album as a “whole lot of an album.”

When asked why he named his album Step two, Chiwalo said he has taken another step in music.

“I have moved from the first step, the first step has helped me to learn, grow, mature and helped my second step to be creative,” explained Chiwalo.

He however pointed out that there is no song called step two in the album but “it is a general idea

The Step Two album has 15 songs, early this year Chiwalo released an EP which he described as a taste of Step Two Album and is available for free downloads on and Mikozi

The concert will be graced by Jimmy Phiri, Atikonda, Blessings Gondwe and Liwo Desire.

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