As Zathu pa Wailesi season 5 continues to thrill young people in Malawi, the drama in
Mamzoli has taken a new exciting turn as T-Reel has finally won the music scholarship offered by DJ Vio, the Malawian South African based DJ and music producer.

After failing to win the scholarship in Season 4, T-Reel did not give up but continued to push forward for his dreams.

Memuna, the school bully, tried to frustrate T-Reel’s efforts to re-audition for the scholarship but the Zathu friends and the wise Gogo proved once again to be the pillar of strength for T-Reel.

According to a statement, T-Reel leaving his friends in the boma will not be easy but T-Reel is set to leave for a new life in South Africa.

“As T-Reel moves to South Africa to pursue his dream in music, how will the Zathu friends cope? Will the band survive this major change? Gogo will be needed more than ever to encourage the band to forge ahead even with T-Reel’s exit but will they heed her advice? Don’t miss an episode ofeason 5 to find out more,” Zathu pa Wailesi Senior partnerships and communications Manager Zilanie Gondwe said in the statement.

She added, “Also in Zathu Pa Wailesi season 5, Gogo invites a health expert to answer questions on HPV vaccine from young people. C-Zee and DJ Goxy, the Zathu presenters feature in the studio with Zathu Band in TKI.

“Plus the cool duo are also making sure that no one forgets that there are many fabulous prizes for Zathu competition winners for loyal listeners.”

To follow the adventures of the Zathu friends, hear hot new music, competitions and more, tune in to ​Season 5 exclusively on MBC Radio 2 on Monday 3:30 pm, Wednesday 3:30 pm and weekly Omnibus on Saturday 5:00 pm as well as on Nyanthepa on saturdays at 2:00 pm and Tuntufye radio on Sundays at 4:30pm.

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