This is not the first time we will see the country’s living legends, Phyzix, Tay Grin and Hyphen coming on a song together. It’s always that “I Can’t Wait” mood when something of this kind is announced.


On Monday, Phyzix, Tay Grin, Theo Thompson, Teddy plus Producers Leumas and Tonicity were seen in the studio when the Cholapitsa hit-maker revealed that there’s a song in which him and the rest of the guys mentioned are working on together.

Watch the video that Phyzo posted on Instagram by clicking below.

Phyzo later confirmed that Hyphen (Young Kay) would also join them. He revealed that through a Whatsapp status seen by one of MFM Team members.


“Hyphen a.k.a Young Kay is joining this as well,” the Its Only Entertainment CEO updated.

In 2012, the three, Hyphen, Tay Grin and Phyzix thrashed bars on Phyzix’s Cholapitsa Remix (Zolapitsa) joined by Atumwi. The hit also made noise all across the country and it is with hope that the forthcoming song will do the same.

Tay Grin

However, in an interview with MFM Team, Phyzix said that the song they are working on together will be released in 2020 and not this year.

The rapper stated that with no reason provided.

Just last week, the organizers of the Urban Music People (UMP) awards announced that they will not hold UMP Music awards event as they are “currently in a review process that inform necessary enhancements.”

The development has since forced some musicians to with-hold releasing some of their projects and its not verified if Phyzix’s decision to release the song next year has been pushed by this.

Meanwhile, UMP said it will still hold the fashion awards and the media awards in December this year.

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