1. Robert Chiwamba wrote his first ever poem, ‘Akapumule’ in 2009 whilst expecting MSCE results.

2. A last born in the family of six, Chiwamba was inspired by Chisomo Nyamalikiti Mdala and the late Mlakatuli Nankhoma who he used to listen to on Joy Radio’s Patsinde program.

3. Chiwamba has three albums to his belt, namely Chanco Mu Nthawi Yanga which he produced in 2012, Kwa Mayi Chiwamba which was launched three years later and Kuchokera ku Chanco ndi Kachirombo which was released in 2018.

4. A stounch Manchester United fan, Chiwamba is a strong believer in using art to fight injustices. This is why he loves writing on current issues of national importance.

5. Being a born again christian he is, Chiwamba makes sure that each of his albums should have gospel content often times using art to spread messages of repentance and salvation.

6. Chiwamba set being an ambassador of an International organisation as the greatest prize he wanted when he started poetry. This was fulfilled when he was hired to be an Ambassador for European Union and UNESCO’s Skills and Technical Education Program in 2018.

7. Having achieved his main goal, Chiwamba now writes and records for fun and advocacy whilst encouraging up and coming poets to continue pushing and never stop dreaming.

8. Chiwamba has performed and headlined the poetry section of all festivals in the country often being given standing ovations after performing.

9. A lover of Rice and beef, Robert has has won many accolades including the United Nations he for she arts contest, three Chancellor College awards, The Malawi pen Chanco writers arts contest and the 2018 European Union Deveco communications award which he won with Ngwazi Zazikazi, a duet he did with Sangie.

10. Robert Chiwamba loves listening to country and western music though he also follows Malawian music passionately.

Check out his poems here

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