Zathu band on Monday 28 October released their latest single, Mzati which holds the answer to what makes a great dad.

Mzati is an afro pop beat that acknowledges the importance of dads playing an active role in the lives of their children.

Through a series of conversations in rap and song, Zathu Band’s latest hit talks about what makes a good dad and it’s not what you might think.

Mzati looks at the positive role that men can play when they encourage their children to open up to them and talk to them about the important issues in their lives. Often, this role is seen as the mother’s role but Zathu Band feels differently, dad’s should also play a role.

“In Mzati we talk about how having a good relationship with our fathers helps to build our
self confidence and we highlight how having a dad who is there when you need him makes a whole lot of difference in life most especially when he takes the time to know you and motivates you to do better in life. This is the kind of relationship that most young people
like myself in the drama yearn to have with our dads”, says Chiondi Mulera, who plays TK in Zathu drama.

The character of TK has gone through many challenges, including with her father, who
abandoned TK and her siblings after their mother died.

Mzati challenges the uncommon dynamic between fathers and daughters in Malawi as in most cases fathers do not play active roles in raising their daughters as they would with their sons.

Just like TK in the drama, the character of T-Reel also wishes he had a good relationship with his father.

T-Reel’s dad felt like he was the final decision maker in the household and reacted negatively when things did not go his way.

This only increased disagreements with his son, T-Reel and their relationship
widened further apart as the father continued with his behaviour.

In the song T-Reel bemoans the bad relationship he had with his father.

He sings: I wish my dad was better though Mwana ndi Kholo Kumvana bo Mtendere pakhomo ndi yonse bo Kukhala ndi ubale wabwino,”

This isn’t the first time Zathu has tackled issues between parents and their children.

In Season 4 of Zathu Pa Wailesi, JP’s father had an accident and he left work and spent more time at home.

Jonathan Pangani, who plays JP says, “having JP’s father at home showed him that men can play a valuable role at home as he was more present to talk to JP about what was going on in his life, asking questions and giving advice.”

Mzati zeros in on the characteristics of a good father that a good dad is caring, supportive and makes sure that each family member is involved in decision making.

Zathu Pa Wailesi radio show continue to inspire the youth of Malawi with interesting stories and as season 5 comes to an end, tune in to listen to the repeat episodes of the season and catch up with the best moments of your favourite radio show.

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