1. He’s very good with interpersonal skills (Able to interact with a wide range of people of different characters)

2. He recited his first two rap lines in primary school at Hillview in Blantyre

3. Slessor it’s actually his real name and one of it’s many meanings is “Skilled worker”

4. In 2011, The late wisdom Chitedze once commended him for his talent and could not believe he was from Mzuzu at the time. They met at the studio when he went to get beats from Tana P. That was the first and last time they ever meet

5. His song “heartbreaker” was actually recorded twice. The first version was recorded by propee, the other by Tanaposi. Both were dope but only one came out. He recorded 12 songs that week because he had to go back to school in Mzuzu

6. He’s one of the many voices that gave a shout out on Pauchidilo mixtape by Young Kay and cyclone. He says he was excited about that

7. He was the main character in an advert by NICO general this year (both audio and video)

8. He just graduated from the University of Malawi, Chancellor college with a degree in Communication as a public relations major.

9. He is the last born out of three children

10. Undipeza pa chiwaya, swag ya kabaza and achisale are some of his biggest commercial hits, but he enjoys his less known real hip hop songs more.

Download his music here

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