1 Her real name is Angela Mizinga. Her other name Tigris does not mean an animal as most people think but as the River in Eastern Turkey.

2 She is a mum of a lovely 11-year-old boy named Sean Preston and also a 5-year-old Andrew. She says they are her pride and joy

3 She loves cooking. She says a kitchen is her happy place coz cooking makes her happy and helps her stay stress-free

4 She is a big Manchester United fan. She also loves watching tennis

5 She’s a presenter, voice artist, producer, singer, actress and so much more, plus a writer.

6 She has about 3 novels which she’s about to have published hopefully very soon. But she says she has snippets of the stories over the years through the radio play she used to write for MBC theater of the air and stories in action where she was also normally part of the cast

7 She’s a big movie fan who can literally binge all day during her off days. She says her favourite is “Supernatural” and “The Originals” because she met and had drinks at one time with Charles Davis, the guy who play the main villain in “The Originals” as “Marcel”

8 She says she switch up easily on fake people because “honestly I don’t like wasting time on things that won’t even take me to heaven lol!”. She says she would rather have one honest and loyal friend than a whole bunch of backstabbers.

9 She’s currently working on a project of which its songs were written by her over the past five years. She wrote the songs in the untitled project after witnessing whatever situations others were going through and how strong they were to overcome the hard situations. For that reason, some of the songs in the project may be less than two minutes coz what matters for her is the message in the songs.

10 She likes the way her body is. She says people who body shame are just useless bullies. “I like to be healthy and comfortable at the weight that I chose to be at. If anybody has a problem with how somebody else look, they should look in the mirror. They want to be fat, go ahead, they want to be thin, that’s their choice too”.

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