Heavy metal is a music genre associated with all sorts of evils; at least by those who barely understand the industry or those who rely on hearsay. It is a demanding scene where musicians have to put up with long hours of practice and composition. With the huge following that these musicians attract, they have to be at their best. Strangely, though, is the fact that there are a few characters who have managed to balance the mic with a shot at gambling, and to significant effect. Undeniably, gaming is one of the most popular pastime activities in developed countries, and it’s not a wonder that these superstars have found some solace there with top sites like Betway.

Slowly, we are getting more and more heavy metal musicians joining the fray. Lemmy Kilmister is a big name in the genre, and his greatest track draws inspiration from gambling. That could be one of the many examples of loads of gambling-themed heavy metal tracks to set the stage alight.

Let’s look at some of the big names who have made gambling their hobby besides having successful careers in the music scene.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian was one of the founders of the hugely popular metal band Anthrax and the only remaining member among the other founders. The top vocalist and guitarist is arguably one of the top names in heavy metal, and it may come as a surprise to many that he has unwavering interest in gambling. He is a known poker enthusiast who spends a lot of his free time playing online casino games like the ones available on Betway. His love for the game is so deep-rooted that he once contemplated going pro.

Salvatore Paul Erna (Sully)

Sully, as he is popularly known, is no new name in the heavy metal music scene. Besides leading his metal band Godsmack, he is another big name with interests in casino games, specifically poker. He performs as a solo artist on top of doubling as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the popular American heavy metal group, but his love for gambling is evident thanks to a colossal poker tattoo on his back.

Steve Albini

The legendary guitarist and vocalist of the progressive rockers Shellac is addicted to playing cards according to sources close to him. He has had a successful career in alternative music, playing alongside some of the world’s most celebrated names and on the biggest platforms around the world, but you might not have guessed he is equally successful in the world of poker. He has participated in the last four editions of the World Poker Series (Seniors), and his highest achievement so far was the 12th finish in the 2013 edition.

Liv Boeree

The 34-year old metalhead poker goddess is a coat of many colors. She has managed to double as a heavy metal lover as well as a top poker player in Britain, with a series of poker titles already secured. The Physics and Astrophysics First Class Honors Degree holder has played lead guitarist and vocalist in several gigs in Britain, most notably, Gothic and Dissonance.

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