man playing a violin

The fast-paced technology has brought impact to our everyday lives including our career. It has also made a difference in the music industry. In the previous decades, you have to be excellent in your craft before becoming popular. These days, recreating original songs and making a cover can be a trend in the online world. Other musicians use social media platforms to build their brand. Even product reviews for violins, violas, and other instruments can easily be found with just a few searches on the internet.

man playing a violin

If you’re an aspiring violinist and a social media enthusiast at the same time, you can hit two birds with one stone by searching for great violinists which you can follow on Twitter. 


  1. Joshua Bell – “When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you’re telling a story.”


Joined Twitter in March 2013, Joshua Bell has built a reputation as a violinist and conductor. He has shown exceptional abilities in playing the violin at a young age. At 4, his mother took him to violin lessons when she saw his music interest. Bell made his debut at the age of 17 in Carnegie Hall together with the St.Louis Symphony Orchestra. Aside from being a best-selling record artist and a Grammy award-winning violinist, he is also known for his kindness by supporting the Painted Turtle Charity. 


  1. Nicola Benedetti – “A lot of my friends didn’t know what to do with their lives. But I always have this very strong idea of what I wanted.”


Another inspiring violinist, Nicola Benedetti has shown determination in being excellent in her purpose and passion which made her album The Silver Violin enter the top 30 pop album charts. Her secret to being a great classical violinist is by practicing between three to seven and a half hours a day. That, indeed proved that practice makes perfect. She has now earned 36K followers on Twitter which started in 2011. 


  1. Hilary Hahn – “An artistic statement rarely emerges from a vacuum. It grows out of some kernel of inspiration that eventually becomes an individual creation.”


Hilary Hahn, with the twitter handle @violincase, has earned a lot of Twitter followers since September 2008. She is a 3x Grammy-winning soloist and the creator of #100daysofpractice which inspired a lot of other aspiring violinists. In her project, she motivates people to improve on their practice habits by doing it for 100 straight days. According to her, the concept of the project was to show your process instead of worrying about the results, and it made her a more disciplined musician. 


  1. Janine Jansen – “A wrong note played with the right intention is much to be preferred to the right note played with no soul.”


Being part of a musical family, Janine Jansen has shown her potential by first beginning to study cello. After that, she chose to study the violin at the age of 6. She is renowned as a crowd-pleaser for receiving standing ovations in many of her performances including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra held in 2006. However, last September, she had to cancel a South American tour due to illness. But, regardless of this recent issue, she’s one of the violinists who continues to motivate aspiring musicians to focus on playing with passion. 


There are other great musicians that are worth following on Twitter. Apart from the lessons that you can incorporate in playing the violin, they can also help you continue to get motivated to master your craft and learn from their journey as violinists. 

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