It seems the bad blood between Fredokiss and Phyzix is still in existence as just recently the self-dubbed ghetto King Kong re-ignited the long time beef between the two via social media.

Yesterday, Facebook turned noisy after Fredokiss posted some jabs aiming at Captain Bae, Phyzix.

“Zoona Koma? Zoona? Phizo olo Honarary Award simukanampezela Ma dudutcha onse aja? Phuma lonse lija???Ife ku Headquaters tikulira mokweza. Kumakondana Mwamva a UMP…Very bad very Bad, “Wrote Fredokiss.

Fredokiss’s sentiments came after the completion of the UMP awards that took place at Crossroads hotel where Phyzix’ name was not placed under any category despite him being one of a few artists that actually put in much work this year.

It was before Fredokiss deleted his post that Phyzix had already taken a screenshot of it and posted it on his timeline with a caption “Seen” supposedly to mean he had seen what Fredo posted about him – despite the post being deleted later.

However, Hip-hop community on Facebook could not resist to comment as some showed support for Fredo while some were on Phyzix’s side.

Check out some comments below.

Hopkins Sain wrote, Is this really Fredokiss ? if its him not good at all”

Ricky Rickie Kaliwo commented, “Beef iyiyi ndi ya ngat ya 50 Cent ndi Ja Rule. Siidzatha”

Mybad Pillsho commended beef in the industry by saying, “Mwene ngat mumatha go and record a beef track imeneo NDE hip hop koma ngat muli a manganje zitayen hip hop imakoma nd beef without beef palibepo hip hop without beef hip hop imafa”

Ban Ree Dzuwa felt Fredokiss did not post that, I really want to believe its not Fredokiss otherwise this is below belt.”The battle is against poverty not against each other.”

Achina White Bee laughed,Kkkkkk nde ntchanayo ameneyo hahaha very bad very bad???”

Brave Chirwa also commented, “Captain bae angodyetsa seen pati??”

Chmwemwe Cantona Ÿœūñg-goon Mathieu commented in support of Fredo, “Unayambitsa wekha headmaster ku Chanco umkayishosha apa ukulira chokweza???? Team Fredo adha we ain’t slacking.”

Meanwhile, the debate on who is the BEST between the two is still on-going.


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