Legendary artist Lulu has tipped up and coming musicians on how to raise their profile in the genesis level of their career.

The Hanna hit-maker appealed to all upcoming artists to embrace every event they are invited to and use that platform to showcase their talent instead of putting money first.

Lulu was commenting on what a Blantyre based up-and-coming artist by the name of Atikonda Kamowa said recently that young artists are being exploited as some are not paid anything after a show.

“When I was an up-and-coming artist, I never focused on getting paid. I knew that I was unknown to the public hence all I needed was a platform for exposure.

“The other thing that I had in mind is that I did not contribute to the patronage. So, instead, I was aiming to impress the patrons so that they could in future patronise my show,” he said.

Lulu further said being an up-and-coming artist is like being a student and few people get paid for learning.

He, therefore, advised up-and-coming artists to focus on perfecting their music art and not money so that they establish themselves in the industry.

“Before I became popular, I played music for years without a coin from the music. I even recall a time when people started mocking me that I had played music for years but still walked on foot.

“Being an up and coming artist is a learning process; for example, now Im an up-and-coming international artist and this does not mean that if I play with international artists like Davido and George Benson I have to be paid,” Lulu said.

He, however, said, ordinarily, when an artist has been invited to a show, they are supposed to be paid unless there is another agreement.


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