From Left: Fredokiss and Martse

Martse might be silent in music for a short period now but his Twitter timeline is still buzzing.

On Monday afternoon, Martse posted a series of tweets targeting Fredokiss where in one of those tweets, the Mwano hit-maker shared a very unpleasant experience that he once went through and according to him, was masterminded by Fredokiss.

In his tweet, the Lilongwe based rapper claimed Fredokiss whom he also previously featured on his 2016 hit song “Zikomo” had once hired people to attack him.

“@Fredokiss I am sure you got my attention…I would have texted you but am gonna leave it like that you hired people to attack me and I never said shit I have nothing but love and respect for you…..If I can’t beat you I know people who can ndakuuza and u know me well,” posted Martse in a since deleted tweet.

In another tweet, the rapper continued warning Fredo saying, “Am too young for your old ass to be saying shit about me….I know you personally say shit again it will be your last ndakuuza.”

It has not been immediately known as to what had led Martse to make such revelations all of a sudden. However reports still indicate that the relationship between the two rappers is still not good.

Fredokiss has not yet responded to the tweets.




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