UNITED Kingdom based musician, Malaikah is set to release a romantic Afro-pop single track done in collaboration with top Zimbabwean urban grooves crooner Roki ahead of this year’s Valentines Day.

Malaikah told m.malawi-music.com Journalist that the must listen to track, ‘I wanna be with you all the time,’ will leave those who believe in love with lasting impressions.

“So this song is titled ‘Be with you’ all and speaks about being madly in love to the extent that you do not want to spend a day from your loved one,” she said. “It is a dedication to my love and lovers worldwide,” said Malaikah.
The thumb nodding single contains multilingual and irresistible lyrics automatically engaging listeners into a romantic atmosphere. The single is accompanied by a passionate and jaw dropping video which will leave viewers yearning for more.

“When you call my name it sounds like so, when you look my way I lose control, or ndinoda kuswera ndinewe we, kubvira zuva richibuda, kusvika zuva richidoka. Mufambiro waakuita mukomana nyoro nyoro… inyoro nyoro”

She released her first single, ’Falling for you’ in July 2017 and went on to release her second single ’Let you go’, with UK based Zimbabwean artist Flint Bedrock.

This was followed by her third single ‘Complaining’ released in September 2019 and track ‘My babie’ with Malawian singer and producer Janta.

“There will be two other songs to be released by May, one of which I worked on with a Nigerian producer and the other with a Zimbabwean producer based in Zambia,” Malaikah said.

She releases the songs under her own label Panash Entertainment & the video by Mishyrecordz recording company

A serial businesswoman, Malaikah holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree and is of Malawian origin but grew up in Zimbabwe.

She also has footprints in philanthropic work through her role as founder and trustee of a charity called the Angels Across Africa.

Malaikah described her working relationship with Roki as “fantastic” and eye opening.
“I’ve been friends with Roki since we were about 15 years old, that’s a long time and we had never actually discussed working together, we were just strictly friends. He is an amazing character and very talented and intelligent person that I totally admire.

“To finally work together was awesome and something we both enjoyed. The song was recorded in Zimbabwe but we filmed it in Malawi last October,” she added.

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