Kell Kay and Martse

Hip-hop artist Martse and Kell Kay have finally re-united and are reportedly working on a collable after being in a conflict for a long time, Malawi Music Team has learnt.

Previous reports stated that the Mwano  hit maker duo had a misunderstanding to which Martse confirmed about the rumors being true.

In an interview, Martse refused to talk more about the misunderstanding but rather confirmed about his plans of working on a new song which he will feature Kell Kay.

“l think we are old enough to be having grudges against each other. We are both artists and we may have some weaknesses but our goal is the same,” he said.

Martse also confirmed about the two working together on a new song In his recent post on social media which read, “Who is ready for my new song with Kell Kay? Like for real who is ready?”

Meanwhile, fans are already excited about the the artists re-union as they can’t wait to hear the come back of hit songs like Mwano and Ndi Ine.

Martse is also believed to have misunderstandings with Gwamba, producer AK On The Board as well as Fredokiss whom he just dissed in his latest song Adidas. 

However, majority of his fans believe he will re-unite with all the artists he is having misunderstandings with.


One thought on “Kell Kay, Martse Re-Unite, Plan to Work On New Song Together”
  1. Ya ndakhala ndili okhuzidwa pa kulekama kwa ma artist like martse & Kell Kay nditha kukhala osangalala panopa kuwona akulumikizana a gain

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