In what many have hailed as probably the best mashup to come from musician Patience Namadingo, the artist has collaborated with the reggae giants Black Missionaries Band.

In a mashup that runs for 12 minutes, Namadingo, Anjiru and Chizondi Fumulani of Ma Blacks beautifully take turns to sing the 11 songs that make up the medley.

The Mash-up samples their own songs as well as songs by the late Evison Matafale.

In an interview, Namadingo said working with the Black Missionaries was enriching and memorable.

“It was my first time working with Black Missionaries and it was wow. We spent enough time together preparing for this project,” he said.

Namadingo added that during the rehearsals, it was even more interesting as they spent nights and days perfecting their art.

“We did not leave anything to chance. We wanted to come up with the best,” he said.
Namadingo said it was the Black Missionaries idea to shoot the video outside, away from the usual studio set-up which he was sceptical about at first.

“But the results are incredible and I am glad we did something different,” said the artist.
In a separate interview, Black Missionaries leader Anjiru said he is proud of the project, especially knowing that they have done it in a unique way.

“This is a special one for all our fans and we hope people enjoy it,” said Anjiru.

So far, this is Namadingo’s sixth mashup, a project he spearheaded having worked with Joe Kellz, JJ Kutsokwe, Lucius Banda and Billy Kaunda.

His plan to hold mashup concerts have, however, been put on hold as a precautionary measure against the global coronavirus pandemic although no single case has been recorded in Malawi.

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