Fantasia Gondwe, a standard six girl has released a new song in which she offers a prayer to the Lord on behalf of all Malawians.

In the song titled “Mulungu Dalitsani Malawi” Fantasia stems the country’s National Anthem. The 9-year-old artist is head in the song pleading with God to bless Malawi as he blesses other countries.

She tackles a lot of petitions that require God’s intervention for Malawi to be saved and some of the challenges include poverty, hatred and political instability.

Talking on the concept of the song, Fantasia Manager George Wiseman Gondwe, said: “We sat down and thought on what role we can play to help our mother Malawi considering all the issues we are passing through as a nation. The best we could do was a prayer for Malawi through this project”.

According to Gondwe, Fantasia is so passionate about music and happy to use music to minister the word of God and also to use it to speak for the voiceless.

She has also worked with a number of artists and is set to feature in a yet to be released song ‘Mama Africa’ done by a Germany artist Raphael Loopro.

The song also features other renowned artists such as Soldier Lucius Banda and Botswana’s Vee Mampeezy.

His father has since said that Fantasia is set to attend and perform at Malawi Good Life 10th Anniversary in Germany mid this year courtesy of Malawi Good Life supported by the Germany government, Times reported.

“Mulungu Dalitsani Malawi” comes after she released her debut single called “Mwana Wa Atate” from the album also titled “Mwana Wa Atate.

You can stream and download the two songs on her music profile here


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