Don McLean once sang: “do you believe in rock and roll, and can music save your mortal soul?” in his 1971 hit American Pie, and we think the answer is a resounding “yes”. Throughout history, music has lifted our spirits in some of the darkest times, and the experts even say that there are a multitude of psychological benefits to listening to it.

Music’s Influence On Our Minds

According to scientists at Harvard University, music is actually responsible for easing stress, and even physical ailments. Music can help us stay relaxed and energised, and even give us something to relate to when times get really tough. In addition, it can relieve stress, improve sleep, and even improve the way we eat. It’s safe to say that we would be lost without it.

So, what kind of music should we choose? While listening to Mozart is said to make us smarter, any genre of music can uplift our mood. Even music that we might not expect to have such positive benefits absolutely can do. For example, Lottoland recently conducted some research on the benefits of different music genres, and it is thought that rock music has the potential to make you happier, more energised, and productive – which is a good excuse for any alternative aficionados to rock out!

Music In Hard Times Around The World

In recent months, to combat the potential loneliness that imposed isolation could bring, people all over the world have been using music as an innovative way to connect. In Italy, as citizens are on full lockdown, they have been singing songs from their balconies. In Barcelona, the ‘#YoMeQuedoEnCasa” Festival (I’m Staying In The House Festival) is garnering attention from fans who still want to see live performances, and bands, both local and international, are opting to stream their cancelled shows to wide audiences online.

Music has always been used as a tool to get through difficulties. For example, World War 2 was the world’s first war to take place at a time where music was easily accessible through records and home radio devices. As a result, music with a distinct style was created to keep people positive and even cheering on the troops in dark times.

And, many say that the hard times actually lead to the best music anyway! Many songs that are inspired by negative or upsetting events are often the most soulful, and therefore the best.

How To Get The Best From Music

Music is very personal to each and every one of us, and something that brings joy to one person may actually bring sadness to another. If you’re hoping to get the full benefits of the genres you’re interested in, it’s actually best to be as interactive as possible.

So, get dancing, check out new artists, and, when we can all go outside again, head to a concert or two.

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