Bass & Truth Entertainment in association with Sundown Studios has announced the release of C-Scripture’s third album titled “The Third Letter”.

Released on Monday, 6 April, “The Third Letter” is C-Scripture’s third album and second album in 2020. He earlier released “Sketchy Notepad” on 11 March.

“The Third Letter” is an album which captures all aspects of C-Scripture’s artistic sonic side.

He explains, “Firstly, its my third album, so C-Scripture, as in my name starts with C, the third letter in the alphabet hence “The third letter” album title. This is a project which also showcases my diversity in music in terms of content, sound and artists I can work with.

“And also, third letter as in I take music as a letter that I write from the heart. Am sharing my thoughts, so this is my third letter in a sonic form.”

Bass & Truth Entertainment founder and CEO Keith Wako remarked, “We have decided to release two albums in 2020 because in a period of 3 years C-Scripture has released 47 songs. Thar’s an average of 15 tracks a year from “South of Heaven” EP to The Third Letter.

“We have had a positive feedback since the release of “Sketchy Notepad”, a clear indication that people are starving for full length albums.”

“The Third Letter” is a full body of work containing 15 tracks plus a bonus track.

The album features urban music heavyweights namely GD, Hyphen, Ace Dirty, King Kananji, Sage Poet, Genetix, Khingi, Hopeson, Jah Rhyno among others.

Only for sale on iTunes to those who can afford, the album is also available for free on other online platforms while other merchandise such as T-shirts and caps are selling at K6000 each.

Wako, the Bass & Truth Entertainment boss adds: “We initially planned to release two albums in 2020. One for free and the other one for sale. We released “Sketchy Notepad” for free, meaning “The Third Letter” was going to be for sale.

“However, looking at the circumstances, it seems its gonna be hard to sale physical CDs.”

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