As he is in preparation to release his first ever album titled “Maloto Anga” this November, Zomba based gospel artist Chifuniro Eliazar Banda has dropped two new songs as part of promotion to boost his impending album.

The songs “Ndaponda Mwala” and “Sagona” which the owner says are invitation and celebration of the life that one has in Jesus Christ were released on Friday, 1st May and have already gained a massive support from listeners across the country. Both have been produced by OBK.

Chifuniro himself clarified more about the songs and his impending album in a chat with the Music From Malawi (MFM) Team.

Speaking first on “Ndaponda Mwala” track, Chifuniro stated that the concept was actually inspired by events that he experienced in a period of four years in his life.

“The events were not pleasing but I had faith and confidence. One day whilst thinking through all the things I had been through and where my confidence was coming from, the spirit of the Lord ministered to me this song saying you have what others don’t have and you see what others don’t see. I am the solid rock on which you are standing on, “he said adding that the revelation wasn’t just for him only but also every believer who enjoys a relationship with God.

Ndaponda Mwala artwork

He added saying the song “Ndaponda Mwala can also be justified by a Malawian proverb that says wakhungu akakuuza kuti ndikugenda umayenera kuthawa because he knows that he’s really stepping on a stone that he can use to pelt you with.

Talking on the second song “Sagona”, Chifuniro said he wrote the song in mid-2019 and was made from the question which the spirit of the Lord asked him.

Sagona artwork

“After several prayers to the Lord on an issue I wanted to be solved, one morning some thoughts came like a conversation. From that it came a question asking “do you know that both at your high moments and at low moments when your strength has gone away and you feel alone am always mind mindful of you?. A simple song with few words was made from that question, “he said.

The artist who also teaches guitar in his free time said in an interview that he plans to have a pre-launch of the album and also to engage some events organizers in an effort to perform his songs live to Malawians.

He also said the album which will also feature other artists is based on his long-time dream of being a singer who would proclaim the goodness of God through his music.

“My music is about the love of God on humankind and also about the experience of Christian life”

Chifuniro – who is a versatile in his touch, singing both soul and traditional music is a holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science, a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and Master’s Degree in Business Administration.  He is married with one kid.

NDAPONDA MWALA Video is out already and you can watch it below

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