Ten Things You Did Not Know About Born Kavala Banda

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1 He started dreaming to be a musician when he was in standard 2 in 1988

2 His first role model was the late Lucky Dube then Lucius Banda

3 He composed his first song in 1999

4 After searching for a promoter but to no avail, he went to South Africa to look for greener pastures hence he went silent musically

5 In 2006 he released his first album called “Zingalume” which was produced by Ralph Ching’amba and Felix Mtokoma at Pro-Sound Records. It was backed by the Wailing Brothers

6 He then released his second album titled “Nyamule” which proved to be a success and boasted his name

7 After releasing four secular albums, he turned his heart to Christ and released his debut gospel album titled “Nyengo Zowawa”

8 His gospel journey went on and in 2016 he released a second gospel album titled “Chigonjetso”

9 He is currently working on a third gospel album “The Mighty God” which among others has songs like “Asungeni Moyo” “Yawoletsa Mazila” just to mention a few

10 He says music is his first favourite thing to do and loves it very much

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