In a recent picture uploaded by Martse on Twitter, the “Adidas” hit-maker is seen drinking booze with a couple of friends as he celebrates that he has – for the first time since he started drinking – completed 30 days of staying completely sober.
Him and fellow rapper Classick started a 30-day sobriety challenge which its aim was to cut loose some habits that slow people down and deter progress in their lives.
This came after the two acknowledged that continued drinking had been a problem for them hence they decided to dedicate the whole month of May to sobriety.
Now it seem like Martse has since re-united with booze, in reference to a recent picture he shared on Twitter with the caption, “30 Days Yatha”.
Meanwhile, we are yet to find out what positive impacts has this sobriety period brought into Martse and Classick lives as we are also curious to know if this means that the two are now back to their old habits for real or not.

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