Malawi’s household music icon Skeffa Chimoto of Real Sounds Band is to break the jinx of Covid-19 music holidays this week with release of his latest single titled Kankha.

The song which has been co-produced by up and coming music producer Viwe and Skeffa Chimoto from Real Sounds studios carries a message of hope and talks through real life challenges and how they reflect a true life of a winner’s mentality.

The song is in reggae version and thrives on a great beat of which music lovers should be eager to dance and enjoy their days amidst various life challenges.

The song will be released on Thursday 4th June 2020 on a special live program on Zodiak Television starting 8:30pm. It will also be available for sale in the Malawi Music Shop .

Skeffa fans will have an opportunity to watch the live premier of the new song on the special program on Zodiak TV. Through this program, Skeffa Chimoto will also conduct an online auction of his latest single.

“My music lovers ask me how they can support my music and for me this time around, all I would ask for is that they buy my new single at the highest bid they can afford and I will be so much grateful. As an artist, my life revolves around music. My band members and others that constitute the support system especially the families all depend on the talent. Its industry for me. So, I am certain that Malawians and other fans abroad will bid each other out and enjoy the wholesale for this Kankha song” Said Skeffa Chimoto.

On his part, Manager for Skeffa Chimoto Music Mr. Levisoni Msakambewa added that “we will use various platforms to allow people to buy this new Skeffa music. Mpamba, Airtel Money and of course a bank account will all be used so that fans can make online transfers. We will send them all acknowledgements and will have a secure mechanism in place to make sure they all get the music. These are some of the measures we have in place to just make sure that we also have Skeffa active despite the entertainment challenges which have been posed by the covid-19 pandemic”

Skeffa’ Manager: Mr Msakambewa


He added “We will also contact those aspiring to buy the music at very special amounts just as a way to support the music. Special credit goes to Zodiak Broadcasting Station Management for allowing us launch this music on their television station and this will indeed be the first time for the fans to sample out Kankha. They have truly lived up to their promise “zikachitika mumvera kwa ife”

The Kankha song which was supposed to be launched on 1st June 2020 will be out amidst overwhelming demand from various quarters who asked Skeffa to devise a way where they all buy and support his music against free for all downloads. Some individuals have already bought the music online and will all have the music this Thursday night.

About Kankha

The Kankha song promotes hope and hardwork. It encourages people to defy challenges in life if they would like to be successful and live happy lives. He cites himself as a role model in Kankha movement. He wants fellow Malawians to join the movement and push and push, push, push and push even harder than ever before.

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