Malawi music store has rebranded its shop, making it easy for both local and international customers to buy music online. Previously,  customers were supposed to register to allow them own a record of their preference, of which singles were sold at K200 to customers based in Malawi and US$1 to customers based outside Malawi. With the new and improved Malawi Music Shop, there is no need for customers to register in order to grab singles or albums in the shop. Apart from that, new quick steps to buy music online have been developed making it simple and easy for all customers to buy Malawian music online.

Likewise, Malawi Music Shop sales team has allowed artists to sell their music at any price depending on how they feel their record should be made available to their fans with a minimum price of K50 going upwards. Also, all online payment platforms have been maintained with local customers required to buy music through Airtel Money (0996718793), Mpamba (0880649615) and National Bank – MOO626 (1000990295) whereas all international buyers are required to pay for their favorite songs using Paypal, Maestro, Visa, Paygol and all well-known online payment options after adding to basket and viewing their cart of the preferred song or album.

The purchase is supported with an instant download button available in the shop soon after a payment is made, thus  making it much faster and easy for the customer to own a copy

Checkout the new and improved Malawi Music Shop here:

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