Hip-hop artist Martse has spoken out on the arrest of Fredokiss who also happens to be his rival in the music circles.

Fredokiss, real name Penjani Kalua was arrested on Tuesday in Rumphi over allegations that he was dishing money to people luring them to vote for a candidate of his choice in the ongoing fresh presidential election.

After the news broke, music fans expected Martse to make a big deal out the news and make fun of Fredokiss as it has been the norm in most people’s hearts when a rival faces some tough situation.

However, reacting on the incident, Martse said he is not happy that Fredokiss is arrested because he had been in jail before and experienced the bad conditions that people there go through.

“Jokes aside if you think I find pleasure coz [because] me and Fredokiss don’t get along and am happy that he is arrested then you are wrong. I am not sure of the reports but guys av [i have] slept in a cell before regardless of whatever you wouldn’t wish anyone to sleep there, ” Martse said.

He added saying,”The country is going through a phase where everyone is expecting change and if the reports are true that action was necessary if not then let’s keep him in our prayers”.


The two rappers have been engaging in beef as recently Fredokiss released “Da Da Da” which was a reply to Martse’s “Adidas“.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Fredo has been transferred to Rumphi police station from Chitimba police unit where he was being held.

Police are conducting an investigation into the matter.


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