1. Empire is the only Crew here in Malawi which inspired many young artists of today.

2. When they recruit an artist its mandated that he/she will be known as long as he will be using Mabilinganya Empire tags or symbols in his/her music.

3. All the members which were their from the genesis of Empire are still their in Empire as Royal members.

4. When doing a group song every artist in the group jots his own verse [Palibe Amalembela Nzake].

5. Mabilinganya Empire has never performed at any show in Blantyre as the whole crew despite its large audience in the city.

6. Mabilinganya Empire as a crew does not do diss music as part of hate.

7. Mabilinganya Empire is the most followed dancehall group in Malawi since 2009 up to now.

8. Mabilinganya Empire always maintain its members at figure of 8 [Akatuluka Awiri Amalowa Awiri, Akatuluka M’modzi Amalowa M’modzi].

9. Mabilinganya Empire is a registered group with Copyright Association of Malawi (COSOMA).

10. Mabilinganya Empire is the only group entitled to host Mafunyeta Memorial Shows in co-ordination with the deceased’s family as the event is also registered under their name.

Download their new song “Alamu Anu” here

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