The legendary rap group “The Dare Devilz” is set to drop their first ever album this year titled “Dare Devilz For Life”.

The group consisting of blood brothers Marcus and GD has no album to their name except from the mix-tape “Welcome To The Darkside” released years ago.

According to the duo, “Welcome To The Darkside” project was planned to be released as an album but eventually it turned to a mixtape.

The group claims the project was not an album because it was a “conceptual body of the work hence the songs in the mixtape were not aligned to the concept”.

Initially, rumors were spread on social media that their new album might released under Phyzix’s “Its Only Entertainment” label or “Ghetto Gutter Entertainment” owned by Fredokiss. However, a new report shows that the group will release the album independently under their label “Lo Budget Records”.

Contrary to the norm of dropping lead singles before official release of the album, “Dare Devilz For Life” will have no lead singles as all the 15 tracks in the album will drop at once.

For those that want to get the album first before others, methods to pre-order the album at K5000 have already been put in place.


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