While it is most likely for people to dump secular music for gospel music, Edina Sasha Mulenga stage name Sasha has done the opposite.

Backing herself as she released her first secular song titled “Signal”, Sasha said that she was no longer interested to be living in pretense while her deeds were not in accordance to what she used to preach in her gospel songs.

“There are so many people who have criticized my decision but what I can say is that being a gospel artist must reflect in deeds. I know there are mixed reactions in my decision to abandon the gospel singing but I will continue praising the Lord, he is there in heaven for me and for all but people must respect my decision to change type of music I perform, “she explained.

She said she wants to be honest with her public life and not deceive fans that she is something else.

“Upon realizing my real life style, I decided to quit gospel music and go secular, “she said adding that she had not been in gospel music that long and was into that type of music along with her late brother back then.

The “signal” artist started doing music a while ago after being influenced by her late brother who had a studio at their house.

Signal artwork

After the passing of her brother, she developed more energy to keep doing music as so in respect of her brother. She said she was also influenced by Zambian female singer Mampi.

Her new song “Signal”, talks of a girl who’s had enough of dating with wrong guys and she finally wants to settle down with a man who is willing to promise not to break her heart but rather keep her safe forever.

Stream and Download the song here


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