Divorce star, Janta has finally confirmed his separation with his wife as he recently shared a heartbreaking message.

Earlier this month, speculation brewed on social media that the two love birds, Shukuran Mwachumu and Ethel Mollande were no longer together citing possible infidelity.

Sharing the message on social media, Janta showed disbelief of the issue while signaling that his wife was involved in an “entanglement” with a married man.

Below is the whole message;

“If you constantly have to tell someone the same exact thing about how you feel and they don’t change it, understand they don’t respect you. But now it’s worse considering you take away my kid the only best thing that came out of this beautiful apple outside, but very rotten inside‘ Each passing day am missing my kid’ how evil can one be so heartless to take away the innocent child from love of his father? It can look so easy that other people can say I will be sending help to my kid but father figure is very important in child life. Is this not witchcraft for a lady to leave his house destroy the little happiness we were having taking care of our kid but not end there still go to destroy another lady house by dating her man, a married man for that matter. It has been hard on me to accept this and yes its hurting but I have to face reality and accept the situation. You can’t change someone who don’t see an issue in there actions though even if they are hurting u, its only God who sees everything.”

The couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary on July, 13 as Janta shared a lovely message to Ethel.

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