Premier Loto Malawi has donated thousands of essential protective items to hospitals and important institutions, in a bid to fight Coronavirus.

Premier Loto, Premier Bet and their charity wing Premier Projects organised the donation of PPE to the Immigration Office and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre.

Amongst the items were masks, gloves and hand sanitizers – items desperately needed by both facilities.

The Immigration Office in Blantyre is responsible for the border control of the nation. They encounter many travelers on a daily basis.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, their jobs have become risky ones and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as the ones donated by Premier Loto, are essential to them.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is one of the largest in Blantyre and has played a key role in protecting the community against the Coronavirus.

The donations by Premier Loto and Premier Projects, worth thousands of US dollars, will allow the hospital to continue operating in a safe manner, for both employees and visitors.

A spokesman for Premier Projects commented: “The Immigration Office and Queen Elizabeth Hospital are two key institutions in Blantyre, who work tirelessly for the whole of Malawi. It is therefore a great pleasure for us to be able to donate these essential COVID-19 protection kits to keep the establishments running in a safe manner.

“This will not be the last donation of its kind from Premier Loto. We look forward to informing you all of further work like this in other areas of Malawi soon.”

At the time of writing, Malawi had recorded 5,399 Coronavirus with 168 deaths.

The donations follow Premier Projects and Premier Loto’s renovation of a volleyball court in Blantyre. This was greatly received by the community and gave citizens a new sporting facility to stay healthy.


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