The country’s reggae kings, The Black Missionaries have announced that the band will be launching “Kuimba 12” album as some singles from the album are soon to hit the airwaves.

The news comes three years after the band launched their “Kuimba 11” album in 2018.

According to Ray Harawa, Black Missionaries’s Manager, the songs will be released in few weeks to come with an aim of allowing their fans to appreciate the true art of reggae Music.

“We will release some singles, in few weeks’ time from Kuimba 12, this is to allow our fans appreciate the art, the world is changing, new songs are needed too,” said Harawa.

“In 2021 we are expecting difficulties as the novel Corona virus is unpredictable, so we cannot say we will launch it , but if everything works to our good ,you will see the people’s band launching Kuimba 12 this year,” Harawa said.

Ma Blacks as fondly known have 11 albums under the Kuimba trademark since its formulation in early 2000s by late reggae legend Evison Matafale.

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