Afro-pop star Dan Lu has hit the airwaves again with a new single titled “Zachikondi” from his fifth album “Game Changer” which the artist will release later this year.

This comes after the release of his single ‘Ankolo’ in April this very same year.

According to the Part of Life hitmaker, the song which brings into light what happens to a person who is in love is expected to strengthen and empower people who are in relationships.

“It’s a love song that basically celebrates the essence of being and falling in love. This one is for the lovers. My focus is to put our flag on the map. It’s a Chichewa song but everyone in the world can listen to and dance to the love tune. It’s high time we take our music to another level, it will strengthen relationships,” said Dan Lu.

the song cover

On the ‘Game Changer’ album, Dan Lu has promised nothing but good music which will see people who look down upon themselves step up in the game and be game changers.

“In the album I’m currently working on, I’m encouraging people who feel like they cannot achieve anything in this life. With the little they get, I want them to feel that they are game changers. It’s not easy to bring food on the table. If they can afford to have food, they are game changers,” said Dan Lu.

Dan however appealed to his fans waiting for the album to be patient as final touches on the album have been delayed due the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We will communicate to people waiting for the album on the date we are releasing the Game Changer album but it will not take time. I have worked with some international artists as well.”

The Game Changer album has a total of 20 tracks, according to him.

Dan Lu who has been in the music industry for too long has released great hits such as Shupi, Part Of Life, To Be A Man, Sweet Banana and etc.

Enjoy the new song here

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