Ethel Maganga

Female gospel singer Ethel Maganga recently took advantage of her birthday to release a brand new track titled ‘Mwachita Chondidzidzimutsa’ which features renowned male gospel singer King James Phiri.

Recorded and produced by Steve Meleka at M Studios, Maganga is exalting God in the song for his unconditional love.

In the song, the Lilongwe based singer also takes time to encourage people to trust God in every situation.

“God does not disappoint. He is always there to give us all the love. We are going through a lot at the moment and with Covid, a lot of people have lost hope but God is there. We have to trust him just like Sarah and Hanna did and they benefited,” Maganga said.

the song cover art

She said the song was inspired by her personal story and she decided to share it through music.

Maganga said she decided to work with King James Phiri because she has always been inspired by his music.

“Again, I’m also looking at reaching out to more people especially with him being part of the song and it is good to work together,” she said.

King James Phiri said it was an honour to work with Maganga and that he always values collaborations.

“We have shared skills through this collaboration and we have all benefitted,” Phiri said.

Download the song here

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