Mike Mikhaya also known as Achina Gattah Ase (formerly known as Gattah, born September 25, 1995) is a Malawian rapper known for his style, a delivery of hip hop lyrics in vernacular Chichewa. He was given the name ”Gattah” by his friends which means battling and killing rappers mercilessly.

Achina Gattah Ase’s passion for music grew as he has grown in Chitawira, the hood of talent. He started rapping in the bathroom and later took it to the studio. He is considered the best vernacular rapper in Malawi.

‘I’m organizing a show and i call it “King Wa Street Concert” Which will take place on 20th November, 2021 at Robin’s park in Blantyre” Achina Gattah Ase narrated.

The show will be spiced up by the likes of Marste, SevenOmore, Charisma, Home Grown Africa, Mfumu Hyphen, and other notable Musicians.

“The concert is gonna be Fire as I’m fully charged and prepared for this show, and i want to thank the management team and some artists who voluntarily to perform for free on this King Wa Street Concert. All is Set!!!” Ghatta added

Speaking with Amuna Misso, Gattah said they are prepared for the show and he is optimistic that people will have fun and good time.

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