Lilongwe based rapper Spigino has once again appeared on the music scene with a new song dedicated to his departed friend Small Jay.

In a brief interview, Spigino, real name Isaac Malindi explained that he thought it wise to dedicate a song to Small Jay as a way to pay his last respect to him.

“Small Jay was a good friend of mine who was also acting as my manager in as far as this music business is concerned. He was there for me guiding me through and even sponsoring my music projects, “he explained.

He adds that he previously made a tribute song to Martse because he was a fan but feels much emotional in this new tribute song because it’s about someone whom he was very close with.



“This song was a must as it is about someone who I was very much attached to. I remember I made a tribute song to Martse just out of humility as he was not someone who I was close to. But in this scenario it’s another different story,” he said.

In the song, Spigino sings about how he hopes to meet with his friend in the next life.

“If u got another life, tizachezeso bredda/ Ngati kuli kubadwaso kwatsopano tizachilleso bredda/, “goes part of the chorus.

On the second verse of the song, Spigino creatively raps, “Timayendera limodzi kulikonse ngati nkhunda// Kuyanjana ngati chidakwa ndi Mkunda// Kukhalira limodzi ngati matress ndi chofunda// Mitima yasweka sikusiya kugunda//

Meanwhile, Spigino has also disclosed that he plans to release an EP before the year ends.

His other songs include, Ponya Maso, Eloyi feat Wikise plus he also has an EP titled “Mulungu Sijemusi

Checkout his music collection here


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