Things You Need To Know About WalyCris


    1: real name Wyson Laifoh

    2: born on the 25th of September, 1997, in Machinjiri, Blantyre – Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital

    3: did primary education at St. Kizito Primary School in Limbe and was selected to start his secondary education at Ngumbe Secondary School in Chileka, Blantyre.

    4: he then studied Motor vehicle engineering at Soche Technical College (SOTEC)

    5: started doing music in 2015. His first track was “Main Chick” produced by Mush.

    6: he has done songs like ‘Ndine Watsopano’ which he featured Flame, ‘Tsonga’ which he featured Bucci, ‘Wataya Mwayi’ featuring Ababa Sergeant and ‘Maliya’ that hit number 1 for 4 consecutive weeks on FreshOnZodiak on Zodiak TV.

    7: he was motivated by the love of music.

    8: his goal is to reach to the world as an international artist and raise other upcoming artists to reach to their dreams and succeed in the music industry.

    9: since his career, he has worked with audio producers like Jay Emm, Sispence, Santos, Raj Records, MushBeats, and video producers like Ronely Patricks and Layonz Graphics.

    10: Apart from music, WalyCris is also a part time Motor Vehicle engineer.

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