1: Driemo’s real name is Shafie S. Phiri.

2: He is not just singer, he is also a song writer and an actor.

3: He was born and raised in Nkhotakota.

4: He started his music Journey in 2017.

5: At first, he was just invited to do choruses in other peoples songs.

6: He recorded his first single in 2018 titled “So Good” and was produced by Superfly.

7: He recorded most songs in 2018 to 2020 under the name “Smart P”

8: He later changed to “Driemo” and released his first Ep titled “Love Letter” produced by his current producer Taktic.

9: He released more singles in 2012 including “Ntendere and No Insurance” hits.

10: His dream is to take Malawian music industry to greater heights, and become one of the most influential Artists in Malawi

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