1. Real name Innocent Malemia
  2. Born on 8th June in 1993
  3. Comes from Nakhwala Village, Senior Chief Chikowi, Zomba.
  4. Did secondary education at Mulunguzi and Secondary schools in Zomba, now studying Journalism at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ)
  5. He became well known after in 2015 after releasing a hit called Ndabwerako before releasing another danceable banger titled Tandigwire Dale a year later.
  6. He is also executive producer at Heat Wave Records (formerly Power House Records).
  7. He released an album last year titled Owner’s Risk, consisting of 10 songs such as Awiz Abwera, Ujeni, Ndivule Kodi, Inkata and Ma Vowel.
  8. As of now, Slyc is trending with another local vibe titled “Ndapangala Dala”.

Check out all his tracks here: SLYC

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