Mdoka B, an Afro artist based in Mangochi, is set to kick off his 2023 journey this month with his upcoming single ‘Ma File’.

Mdoka B started doing music at the age of 11 and was inspired by Dan Lu and his late brother, Hope Lufani. He has urged fans to wait for ‘Ma File’ as he is determined to dominate the airwaves.

According to Mdoka B, ‘Ma File’ is a great song that encourages people to work hard every day because nothing comes easy. He believes that although God blesses people, it is only those who work hard and put effort into their lives that will truly succeed.

“Nyimbo yomwe ndayimbayi ndiyofuna kulimbikisana kuti tikhale anthu olimbika kwambiri pa moyo chifukwa palibe chinthu chomwe chimabwela chaulele pa Moyo. Sikadza kokha kamaopa kulaula ndiye pofunika tizilimbikira pazomwe timachita ambuye amapasa olimbika.” (The song I have released is meant to encourage people to work hard in life because there is nothing that comes easily in life. It is not just a matter of praying and waiting, but it is important that we work hard in whatever we do as God blesses hard work.)

Mdoka B has promised his fans that he will not disappoint them with ‘Ma File’ and has urged them to support and show him love as he tries to break into the music scene and reach his goals.

“Unthenga oppita kuma fans anga ndiokuti ndikupempha kuti andipange support ineyo ndikulonjeza kuwapasa tinyimbo tabwino kwambiri. Ineyo ndimafuna nditazafika patali kwambiri ndi music yanga mu Africa muno.” (I would like to appeal to my fans to support me and show me love. I promise to release great music. I aspire to go far with my music career in Africa.)

He has also promised his fans that he will release the music video for ‘Ma File’ at the end of this month.

Mdoka B is also a drum, guitar, and keyboard specialist. He works with Mlangeni Sounds in Mangochi.

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