Gospel music artist, Steve “Wazisomo” Muliya, has announced the release of his latest song, “Haleluya”, on May 1st. The song is one of fifteen that will be featured on his upcoming album, Zisomo Volume 2, which is set to be released later this year.

Muliya shared that “Haleluya” is a song that aims to encourage people to appreciate the goodness of God in their lives, especially during these challenging times that Malawi and many other countries are currently facing. He added that the song is a reminder that God is good all the time.

Steve, who is also a presenter at Times Radio, assured his fans that they will not be disappointed with “Haleluya” and urged them to continue supporting his career to achieve his vision.

Muliya first made his mark on the music scene in 2014 with the release of his debut album, which included songs such as “Mulinane Cholinga” and “Ndi Zotheka,” a collaboration with Allan Chirwa. He has since become a respected figure in Malawi’s gospel music industry and is known for his powerful and inspiring music.

Fans of Wazisomo can look forward to the release of “Haleluya” on May 1st, and the upcoming release of Zisomo Volume 2 later this year.

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