Malawian Female Dancehall artiste Beanca has challenged her fellow Female artists to invest in themselves, be more creative and less egoistic.

The artist who known for being energetic and vocal, has said this in responding to a recent outcry by a section of fun lovers who have criticized local event organizers for shunning female musicians.

It has been observed that despite numerous efforts to release music, a lot of female entertainers are usually booked for small events or totally sidelined and according to Beanca, female artists have themselves to blame.

Beanca called on all female artists to start collaborating more and stop being too proud if the industry is to recognize more female artists.

Beanca has just bounced back from a long silence with a new song titled “Wagulu”. Both the audio and video for this song were released on the 15th of February and are available on Beanca’s YouTube channel and all streaming platforms.

Explaining her absence, the Dancehall queen who calls herself Godmonther, has said that she took a break to re-strategize as the industry is getting creative and competitive every day.


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