Renowned Afro R&B Artist Namadingo has expressed his desire to work with the new crop of artists having done so with other veterans before.

The ‘Mapulani’ hit maker said this while commenting on a new song he has done with one of the promising up and coming artist from north side who goes by the name Merchah.

The two have recently released a collaborative audio and video project for the song called ‘Obeba’ which according to Namadingo opens his account for collaborations with the new blood.

Namadingo has previously worked on the Mash Ups Including Giddes Chalamanda, Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda, Black Missionaries and Miracle Chinga [for the late Grace Chinga]. One of the songs from the Mash Up with Agide, Linny went Viral and received a lot of international recognition.

Namadingo, who has already released three songs this year said there’s no formula as to how music should be released in response to those who think he’s releasing too much material.

Namadingo also said he will be releasing an album at the end of this year and was quick to shut down the views of other people who are saying he is only trying to ride on the New Artist’s wave to maintain his relevance.

The new released song with with Magic Fingers Mw’s recording artist, is available on for free download.

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