The story making headlines in town now is how an upcoming rapper known by his stage name, Kay Major was mercilessly pounded by Fredokiss`s fans for his Facebook posts that always targets the mtchana ya mu ghetto himself “Fredokiss”


The incident happened last Thursday afternoon when the victim, Kay Major was coming from school. It is said that two unknown boys were following him from behind until they reached at a quiet place where they dragged him somewhere hidden and gave him fists like those from karate movies.

Kay Major is said to have been on Fredo`s neck for a long time now over issues that Fredo considers himself as someone who comes from the ghetto and who has seen struggles like other ghetto mongers while he is not.

They are of course a good number of ghetto youths who go against Fredo`s rhymes that claims he is so ghetto to the extent that they feel like smashing their dear radios every time Fredo`s line claiming he is ghetto comes out from their radio speakers.

Ghetto king Kong, ankadziwa ndani Fredo adzashala ding dong”

“chimtchana cha mu ghetto chikushowa”.

ghetto brother getting six zeros on the figure”


Those are some of Fredokiss`s lines with the word ghetto repeatedly sang.

And since this is a free country where everyone has choice to choose what they want, there are also many ghetto youths whose hearts were shifted by Fredo`s beats, that they do not stand the challenge of not nodding their heads when they hear Fredo`s music.

That is why humans were created with different hearts, different faces and different everything, hence we have different preferences.

As the story was all over the social media, many were coming up with unverified information that forced the Malawi Music team to give Kay Major a platform to explain his side of the story.

“I was coming from school when two boys dragged me to a hidden place where they kicked me and warned me to stop dissing Fredokiss”

According to Kay Major, this has happened because he had earlier announced that he wanted release a beef song to Fredokiss, so he thinks the boys plotted this as a way of stopping him from doing a diss track to Fredokiss.

However, he is not 100 percent sure if the boys were sent by Fredokiss himself or if they are just Fredo`s dedicated fans who felt like dealing with him on behalf of Fredokiss.

After the incident, rumours circulated that the victim was in a critical condition that he was admitted at Queens Elizabeth Hospital. But Kay Major has denied to have been admitted at any hospital saying he only sustained minor injuries on his tongue, jaws and libs that he could not have needed medical treatment.

Fredo has been loudly heard in his songs that whoever disses him shall be dealt with his ghetto fans and sometime back in Levels remix he highlighted that if one tries to diss him, he will have to pay to the government of Malawi for that.

“odisa Fredokiss boma lidzilipilitsa”

That ironically meant that who so ever disses him shall face the consequences.

Just yesterday, February 19th, Fredokiss reacted to the story through a post on his Facebook page.

In his post, Fredo described himself as someone who do not know if there is another human being who exists on earth by the name, Kay Major.



When contacted to comment on the story, Fredo distanced himself to have been the one who sent the attackers by saying he do not promote violence.

” I don’t promote any form of violence. But if you touch fire expect to get burnt. I have spent years making way for these kids to be screaming ghetto in their songs, now they wanna take shots?” He asked.

Fredo continued to say, “There are rules to every game. However, i cannot diss any ghetto kid or upcoming artist because i cant destroy what i help build, Its like cutting off my own leg.”

After the issue circulated on social media, the victim`s Facebook friends floated on his timeline to console him.


Meanwhile, the victim himself, Kay Major has promised to revenge to who so ever had a role in the attack. He said he is not going to revenge physically but rather musically.

i will revenge with beef - Kay Major
i will revenge with beef – Kay Major


“I will revenge with a track, not with violence. I will announce the date on Monday,” he said.

All eyes are on his Facebook timeline to verify if he is really going to announce about the release date of his diss track to the ghetto King Kong.

He continued to say he is not afraid if after the diss song the attackers would be back to attack him furthermore because this time he is well prepared to whatever comes on his way.

“I am 100 percent ready for whatever comes,” he said.

The rap game seems to be on its climax now as we are witnessing more cases of this kind.

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