It was all smiles on people’s faces when it was announced that Waxy K and Gwamba were to work on a song together.

The news was warmly welcomed until it became water under the bridge.

I still have the feel for the song: Waxy K

Its obvious everybody wondered what really went wrong as the alleged song “Ngati Yona” was supposed to be released in 2018 but it never came out until now and the reasons behind were not unfolded.

Hence that, the MFM team reached out to the owner of the project, Waxy K to explain what really went wrong.

According to Waxy, his part on the song was all done and he was only waiting for the gospel turned rapper to complete his part.

Gwamba dodged to give a feedback after hearing Waxy K’s verse

“I recorded my verse at Tricky Beats’ studio as agreed with Gwamba. After recording, I sent my verse to Gwamba as he said he wanted to hear it but I was surprised when I did not get a reply from him after he listened to my verse, “he said.

He continued saying he asked Gwamba for an update but he was continuously told he would be given a feedback until he got tired of waiting and let it go.

“I waited from 2018 until I decided to stop asking him for an update in 2019 because I realized it was never gonna happen.”

It is of no doubt that the two guys’ collabo could’ve help revive both of them especially Gwamba who seem to be silent and missing on Malawi’s top online music charts as Shammah Vocals controls the gospel arena.

Meanwhile, Waxy says he still has that hype for the song and he is planning on releasing it solo.



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