Sir Paul Banda

Some people of goodwill have formed a group called ‘Get well soon’ aimed at supporting some artists.

One of the people leading the cause veteran musician Charles Sineta said the idea comes after a concern over poor health of Sir Paul Banda and Isaac Liwotcha.

‘’Sir Paul Banda and Isaac Liwotcha have not been well for the recent years and their medical attention require a reasonable amount of cash,’’ said Sineta.

Sineta said they want to raise not less than 30 million kwacha for them to get proper treatment within or abroad.

Sir Paul Banda who alongside Lucius Banda are the breadwinners in their family, have not been well alongside another elder brother popularly known as Banda Ngozo and it has been tough for them to support each other accordingly.

As they are asking for well-wishers to support in this case, Sineta said they are also planning to hold a virtual show aimed at raising more resources to support the two veteran musicians.

The Get well soon club has opened a bank account with FDH bank Balaka branch under the name Get well soon club account number 1230000176191.

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