Bon Kavala Banda

Gospel musician Bon Kavala Banda has dismissed rumors that he was mercilessly beaten by Malawi Defence Force (MDF) officers for wearing a military attire while on set for “Ndanyololoka” music video.

The rumors were made on social media that the musician was not in good shape following the alleged assault after pictures of him in military attire were seen on social media.

Commenting on the issue, Banda said the rumors are not true as they have been made up by some misguided individuals.

“It’s not true that I’ve been beaten by MDF soldiers. It seems some people in this country don’t understand how art goes like. In other countries, musicians do use government properties like police vehicles, uniforms or guns in their videos and that does not get to be a big deal because it is just a part of art,” he said.

He said the same people are the ones that recently spread rumors concerning his fellow musician, Evance Meleka that he had been arrested over a song.

“Not long ago, some people did spread rumors that Meleka was arrested over a song that some people alleged had a thing to do with politics but that were not facts on the ground. My song NDANYOLOLOKA is simply a song that appreciates the respect that junior soldiers render to their seniors. That respect is the one i was referring in my song saying it could be best if us as Christians were observing the same respect for our lord above, “he added.

Meanwhile, Kavala Banda said the video of the song will soon be released. If you haven’t listened to the song yet, click here

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