Ten Thing You Did Not Know About Crazy Li

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    1 Losing brings the competitive nature in her.

    2 When she finds a song she like, she will listen to it on repeat until she gets sick of it.

    3 When she’s mad, she goes shopping to make herself feel better.

    4 She’s Aerophobia

    5 She listen a lot to Malawian music more than any other music made outside Malawi

    6 She’s a very selective eater; She eats only foods she’s familiar with

    7 She’s a movie fan but hates horror movies.

    8 She talks with a lot of people but she don’t have any friend.

    9 She enjoys music a lot but she can’t dance

    10 She’s a cool girl but she can be stubborn at times

    Listen to her latest single “Tseke Tseke” with Martse here

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