Blantyre based trending hip-hop star Spyral Mwenya recently released his first video of the song titled ‘Ndimaganiza Bho’ off the High Hopes Long Playlist which came out the past two months.

“I believed in what we were planning for ‘Ndimaganiza Bho’ visuals and I was impressed with what came out, and with the positive feedback that the video is receiving since the day it was released seems like we got the right channel.” Spyral Mwenya said.

He continued saying that the video is enjoying airplays in all television stations, burning centres, videos shows and clubs across the country and all he is receiving is positivity and encouragement.

“the making of the video was to show the youth what it means by Kuganiza Bho’, which all meant that youths should be investing not just living lavish with no investments and it is high time those that are educated but not working to start engaging in different hustles as it is important for youth development” Spyral Mwenya explained.

Mwenya continued explaining that it is not just for music promotion but he is working on an initiative which is to start soon, which will focus on what youths are doing in participation of youth development.

“We are the leaders of today not tomorrow so let us make sure we show what have and let them know that Timaganiza` Bho’.” Spyral Mwenya made his last remarks.

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