Mr Splash In The Hall Of Fame


    The celebrated TV personality Geoffrey Kapusa popularly known as Mr Splash who come into the limelight with his TV music show called music splash on Television Malawi, has recouped his popularity.

    Kapusa has been quite and suffered a lot after loosing his job as presenter at Malawi Broadcasting Station (MBC).

    In a video circulating on social media, is showing some members of  MBC donating different assorted items to Kapusa after realizing that things are not going well  with his life.

    In the video Kapusa was crying to see people he used to work with showering him love.

    The video has brought different reactions to social media lovers, as others were blaming Kapusa’s ex-wife for leaving him suffering from loneliness.

    In her response Mary Chande Mhone ex-wife to Kapusa, has said that the two separated and later got divorced 2 years ago with after their wedding due to some circumstances that are only known to the two of them that was beyond their control.

    “It is sad to read some posts on my wall people saying I left Geoff because I swindled his money and dried his pockets and run way that hurts and truly hurts only if you knew you wouldn’t have been vomiting such ill comments,” said Mhone.

    She added that no one is perfect  so if people want to help him (Kapusa) they should just go and help him silently without pointing fingers at he or his family including his only sister Yamie for neglecting him.

    A video showing Mr Splash in tears has gone viral on social media, leading to an appeal for support for the former television host.

    Well wishers have started supporting Kapusa financially through his daughter Elizabeth and the donation summed up to  K654,000 within two days.
    However, Minister of Water and Sanitation Abida Mia paid a visit to Kapusa’s resident at Nkolokosa in Blantyre and blessed him with various items including fridge and cooker.
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