Reggae Legend Bongo Black Jesse Jendah Passes Away


    A renowned Jamaican reggae artist, producer, DJ and writer who popularized reggae music and rasta ideology in Malawi Bongo Black Jesse Jendah has died.

    Jenda came into the limelight due to his radio programmes like Clarity and Reggae Jamming which was aired on Power FM 101 radio.

    Ras Ray Harawa said Jendah’s death was a blow since the musician not only brought Jamaica to Malawi, but also took Malawi to the world through his music.

    “He has internationally acclaimed songs where he talks about the beauty of Malawi, like Rasta Empress. Although he was born in Jamaica and mostly lived in America, Malawi was his home. He was part of our family as Malawians and the rasta community,” said Harawa, who is also manager of the Black Missionaries Band.

    Apart from releasing songs such as Knight Templar, Runaway Slave and Rasta Empress, Jendah performed on big stages alongside other renowned Jamaican reggae artists, including Sizzla Kalonji.

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