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Afro Pop Songstress Temwah formerly known as Spotless C has released her first banger “Malawi ( Zakwathu )”, a few months after signing to Lush Africa Entertainment.

Produced by Tricky Beats, “Malawi (Zakwathu)” was released on Monday 26 th June 2017 and is currently playing on local radio stations across Malawi. It is also available for downloads on Malawi-Music.com

The song explores Malawi’s traditional dances, food, languages and dressing among other cultural practices.

In the first verse, she sings, “…Timadya mkhwani wa matimati, kuphika thobwa la khatikhati/Ku Malawi, Manganje, yamba kuvina usathawe/Ku Nsanje, mwa chaje, chi Sena chiyankhulo chake/Tikafuna Utaka, sitichita kusaka, Lake Malawi is blessed with some beautiful fish.”

“Malawi” also tackles themes of hard work and patriotism. “Udya bwanji osalima? Ulemela bwanji osavepa? Nsanje, mtima osadekha kukhala ndi anthu nzosatheka” she sings in the second verse.

Lush Africa’s Lorraine Mopiwa Kljajić says the re-branded Temwah will now pursue Afro pop music as a way to cross borders, putting her in a position to collaborate with international artists.

“Temwah approached us last year in November to manage her. We signed her in January this year. She has been working hard in studio experimenting different sounds because we want her to be different.

“Malawi” is her first song under Lush Africa,” Lorraine discloses.
Real name, Temwa Gondwe, the songstress started singing when she was young in church but recorded her first song in 2009. She is inspired by Lauren Hill.

Download Temwah – Malawi here

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Emerging RnB/Pop artist Jazmin has recently being doing great for her music career as her songs are making rounds on radio stations and doing well on music charts. Her song “My Heart Lied” peaked at number 2 on the Malawi-Music Top 100 Chart & was in the chart for a good number of weeks.

Also among her young catalog of singles is song’s like “You Are The One”, “Malawi” and the latest release “It’s Gonna Be”, who’s video she is currently working on.

This brings us to the main topic which is on her song titled “Malawi”. Jazmin shows appreciation & love for the country which we rarely see among music done by local artists. She talks about Malawi’s beauty & why it is known as the warm heart of Africa.

The video of the song was shot in a setting which displays Malawi’s main landmark which is the Lake. Also in it is people gathered dancing to the very catchy song. She also included traditional dancers, locally called ‘Nyau’, which is also another major display of Malawian culture. This video is one that keeps you entertained every time you watch it.

Audio produced by Dare Devilz at Lo Budget studios. Video directed by Plutnum. Watch it below. Enjoy!

Download Malawi here

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Multi-album Afrocentric Jazz recording artist, Ernest Ikwanga, will be performing at BICC in Amphitheatre on Saturday May 6. Doors will open at 6:00pm.

Ernest Ikwanga has established himself as one of the true “positive leaders and motivational musicians” as far as Afrocentric music is concerned in Malawi.  His incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make him one of the most sought after performers in the business today both within and outside the country.

With guitar his main instrument, Ernest often tours the country with the band called Mafilika where he himself is one of the main leaders of the band.

His newest album “ Chisekese” set to be launched on May 6 contains music written to inspire the hearers to not only live for themselves but for something bigger other than themselves.

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Here is a list of the Top 20 downloaded songs in 2015. These songs had us dancing, crying, laughing, learning but most of all growing as human beings. Now as We are welcoming the New Year we look forward to new challenges and opportunities for Malawian artists and the Malawi music industry as a whole. We also pray for those we lost in 2015. We will not look back as the future is not written yet and we are going to have a great 2016. Zikomo Kwambiri and Timakundyadirani!!! ***Fireworks***
*********** THE BIGGEST HITS OF 2015 *************
1. Diktator – Happy Day ft Sangie – (56484 downloads)
Released : 28 August 2015
2. Mwanache – Zimandikhudza ft Lulu – (55503 downloads)
Released : 10 April 2015
3. Martse – Mwano – ft Kell Kay (Prod By AK and Tricky Beats) – (48768 downloads)
Released : 12 February 2015
4. Black Missionaries – Tidzingocheza – (46305 downloads)
Released : 22 May 2015
5. Gwamba – John Tembo (Prod by BFB, DJ Sley and Lulu) – (45276 downloads)
Released : 27 November 2015
6. Siuli Wekha (Official UNFPA Malawi Theme Song) ft Gwamba, Faith Mussa, Nesnes, Piksy, Young Kay, Third Eye – (44072 downloads)
Released : 30 July 2015
7. Piksy – Tifatse ft Gwamba – (43026 downloads)
Released : 14 March 2015
8. Patience Namadingo – Msati Mseke – (42049 downloads)
Released : 01 August 2015
9. Dj Sley – How We Dweet ft Third Eye, Episodz, Macelba, Gwamba, Synik, Krazie G, Big Ta, Martse, Yung Z, Mwanache, Shayne Gadda and Malinga Mafia – (39657 downloads)
Released : 06 February 2015
10. Gwamba – Munthu ft Tay Grin and Malaulo (Prod by Dj Sley) – (39237 downloads)
Released : 22 July 2015
11. Martse – Amaoneka (Prod by Hype Team) – (37946 downloads)
Released : 18 November 2015
12. Martse – Why (Prod. by AK and Sonye) – (37710 downloads)
Released : 01 September 2015
13. Mafo – Big Man ft Moses Makawa, Janta and Mwanache – (35680 downloads)
Released : 01 June 2015
14. Patience Namadingo – Macheza – (34318 downloads)
Released : 06 November 2015
15. Kalawe – Dzuka Malawi (Remix) ft Fredokiss, Martse, Mwanache – (34306 downloads)
Released : 23 October 2015
16. Gwamba – Ineyo Wa Lero ft Lulu – (34129 downloads)
Released : 14 February 2015
17. Malinga Mafia – I L.O.V.E You ft Sangie – (32789 downloads)
Released : 06 February 2015
18. Trap Squad – Somebody or Nobody Remix ft Theo Thomson, Young Kay and Bucci – (30834 downloads)
Released : 29 May 2015
19. Janta – Ndapilira – (30805 downloads)
Released : 17 August 2015
20. Maskal – M’Nyumba Mwanga – (30364 downloads)
Released : 24 November 2015


STREAM AND DOWNLOAD BEST 50 OF 2015 HERE – http://www.malawi-music.com/playlist-2-best-of-2015
Congratulations to everybody on this list. God Bless Y’ALL.

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Inmates at Malawi's Zomba Prison in Malawi have received a Grammy nomination for this year’s awards [Marilena Delli/Al Jazeera]

Group of male and female inmates from Malawi, most of whom face life sentences, named contenders in prestigious awards.

They are housed in a crammed, dilapidating maximum-security prison, and their album was recorded with the most basic of equipment. Yet, come February, this unlikely collective might be at the top of the music world.

A group of male and female inmates at Malawi’s Zomba Prison received a surprising Grammy nomination on Monday in the World Music category, marking the first time that a music act from the landlocked southern African country will be represented at the prestigious awards.

“It is a great accomplishment,” Ian Brennan, the producer behind the Zomba Prison Project, told Al Jazeera.

“I am very happy for the prisoners and quite shocked really,” he said. “The awards have become extremely celebrity-driven, and ironically, the World Category in particular has become so predictable – it’s the same names almost every year … so to see a group of unknown individuals get a nomination makes it that much more of an accomplishment.”

Since the creation of the Zomba Prison Project, three incarcerated women have gained release [Marilena Delli/Al Jazeera]

‘Don’t Hate Me’

Released last January, “I Have No Everything Here” by the Zomba Prison Project is an eclectic collection of 20 songs, 18 of which were written by the prisoners themselves.

Most of the participants are serving life sentences. Their crimes range from murder to assault to theft, said Brennan, but there are others, especially women, who have been imprisoned over “more questionable” charges like witchcraft and issues related to homosexuality, or simply because their cases are taking too long to be heard due to bureaucracy.

The album, which features a series of rousing performances in the language of Chichewa, combines gentle guitars and softly-pulsing melodies with powerful lyrics.

“I am alone at the wide river and I have failed to cross it. When I was doing things secretly, I thought that no one was watching me,” sings honey-voiced Rhoda, a 42-year-old woman sentenced to life in prison, on “I Am Alone”.

“Share with the earth your happiness. Give happiness to this world, no matter where you are. Try to show joy every day to the people around you,” sings Agnes on “Don’t Hate Me”, accompanied by a steady rhythm guitar.



‘Giving voice’

The songs were recorded over less than two weeks in the summer of 2013, when Brennan, a US Grammy-winning producer famous for his commitment to bring international exposure to musicians ignored by the mainstream music industry, returned to Malawi on his latest music endeavor.

In the past, Brennan helped propel to international fame groups like the Malawi Mouse Boys, a gospel band whose members made a living by selling roasted mice to passing drivers, and Rwanda’s The Good Ones, a trio of genocide survivors.

“The idea had been fermenting for quite a long time,” said Brennan of his decision to head to Zomba Prison in southeast Malawi near the border with Mozambique.

“Wanting to not only to give voice to people who are under-heard or underrepresented internationally, but also to go even deeper into some of the most under-heard and underrepresented people of these populations.

“My belief is almost everyone is musical and I think that people that are under-heard have even more to express potentially.”

“My belief is almost everyone is musical and I think that people that are under-heard have even more to express potentially.”

Brennan and the musicians during one of the recording sessions [Marilena Delli/Al Jazeera]

Tough conditions

Built in the 19th century to hold 340 people, the brick-walled Zomba Prison is today home to an estimated 2,000 people living in severe conditions, said Brennan.

The US producer was granted access to launch the project after agreeing to the prison’s head request to offer violence prevention classes to both inmates and guards. He then secured the permission of the prisoners, and began recording outdoors and next to the metal and woodworking shops.

“The entire recording was done with just six channels,” said Brennan. “The men had an organised band to some degree and they wanted to know more – their big concern was that they wanted to be sure that they were going to be recorded well, they were kind of checking me out – like, are you coming in with that [setup]?”

The women, on the other hand, were more reserved.

With access to just a few buckets used as drums, they initially claimed to not write any songs. But it all changed when one of them finally stepped forward to sing a tune.

“It was like the floodgates had been opened, and then it went on for close to two hours,” said Brennan.

“It was astonishing – just that it was happening, but also how beautiful and how good it was.”

Some 2,000 people are estimated to be housed inside the maximum-security prison [Marilena Delli/Al Jazeera]
Not attending

Overall, some 70 male and female prisoners aged from early 20s to their 70s were involved in some form in the album.

“The people have stayed with me,” said Brennan. “There’s certain moments where you just begin to cry with somebody’s playing because it’s so shocking and beautiful.”

Brennan said that despite being a “money-losing device”, the project has raised funds that have helped some of the prisoners get legal representation and gain release from their sentences.

He added, however, that it was “definitely” certain that the locked-up musicians involved in the album won’t be able to attend the Grammy’s ceremony on February 15.

“In an ideal world, the hope is that something like this that it can lead to future opportunities for individuals,” he said.

Brennan: “There’s certain moments where you just begin to cry with somebody’s playing because it’s so shocking and beautiful. [Marilena Delli/Al Jazeera]

Source: Al Jazeera



DOWNLOAD PROMO MP3 : http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=3478

TO BUY THE ALBUM :  http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/zomba-prison-project-i-have-no-everything-here/

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/zombaprisonprojectmalawi/

2016 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS :  http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/grammys/6785974/grammy-nominations-2016-full-list

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Giving fans another dose of his musical prowess, Malawi’s jazz legend Wambali Mkandawire, now Mte Wambali is set to release his 9th album “Calabrash Breath”. The event will be marked by a warm night of jazz on July 25th at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) from 20:00hrs.

With a truly unique sound, Wambali continues to win accolades for his uniquely expressive musical style. A true music maestro, Wambali has over the years released timeless music that has earned him numerous awards and nominations including the Bingu Presidential Award in 2011, Kora Award Nomination for Best Southern African Artist in 2003, MOBO Award Nomination for Best African Artist in 2007.

“People should expect to experience the beginning of a new era of Jazz in Malawi,” says Wambali. “Calabrash Breath” is Mte Wambali’s 9th studio album and is unique as it is pure jazz unlike his previous releases.

Wambali’s journey in music dates back to when he was only 8 years old while in Congo where he was born. With influences from his grandmother & mother’s Tumbuka hymns & fables, his grandfather’s gramophone with played music contemporary Congolese music to his uncle who introduced him to South African Jazz and music in general, his musical background is rich in diversity, from his first album “Tidzamutamanda” released in 1989 to the last released album “Liberty” back in 2011.

Backed up by a diverse rich band featuring a Congolese Bassist, Zambian lead guitarist, 2 Malawians on the keys and drums with himself an acoustic guitarist, the evening is set to be a night of beautiful music by talented musicians.


Tickets are at MK 10,000 for Standard and MK 20,000 for VIP – and are available at Wilderness Safaris, Ulendo, Four Seasons Garden Shop, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Papaya, Cappuccino’s, Flavour’s, Golf Club, La Dolce Vita, and AC Opticals. Every ticket holder will receive a FREE CD of the Calabrash Breath album. Corporate Bulk Tickets are available via the hotline: +265 11 155 0150.


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The Rotaract Club of Lilongwe is hosting a fundraiser called Denim and Diamonds Poetry and Acoustic night for their Senti peri-urban project at Crossroads Hotel Auditorium on Saturday, May 30th.

The event will be see performances by some of Malawi’s finest artists, which include Q Malewezi, Nyamalikiti Nthiwatiwa, George Kalukusha, Yolanda Kauma, Isabel Kumwembe, Robert Chiwamba and many more. There will also be an open mic for patrons to showcase their various talents.

Tickets to the event which starts at 7PM, are going at MK3, 000 only and are available for sale at Crossroads Hotel Business Centre and The Living Room Café.

Senti is located just outside Area 18, Lilongwe; the community has a population of an estimated 13,530 people, living in over 500 households, with an average six members and at least 4 to 5 households. Most of the community members find informal employment in the city and walk long distances to get to work. Senti has no public schools or health center; the nearest public primary school “Chatuwa” is located in area 18 and the nearest public secondary school is “Bwaila” which is located five kilometers from the settlement.

The project will see 40 young people equipped with vocational skills using well-known local artisan(s) from within the community who will provide the training to them. The young people will also be given equipment and start up tools which they are going to use to assist their community. Following the training, the plan is to put the skills to use immediately by getting the trained young people to volunteer in building a community multipurpose center.

The project’s time frame is 2 years with a budget of at least MK 4 million. Several initiatives have been carried out to raise these funds including a car wash that was carried out in April. The Club is also extending their intent to various organizations who may want to support the initiative. Their latest event, Denim and Diamonds Poetry and Acoustic night, will not only provide families a chance to engage themselves in a fun night of beautiful soothing music and poetry, the event will also allow the club to raise a portion on the much needed funds. Everything raised will go towards the after school tuition, reading classes and mentorship program of the youth from the Senti Community, as package that is incorporated in the construction efforts of the  community and vocational skills center.

The club members at an earlier fundraiser at City Mall, Lilongwe
The club members at an earlier fundraiser at City Mall, Lilongwe

The Rotaract Club of Lilongwe is youth arm of Rotary International for young people aged 18-30. The club focuses on community and international service as well as professional development. Rotaract Club of Lilongwe is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lilongwe.


Come on out to listen to some talented people jam, enjoy a few drinks, and help support the project.

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ABC Christian Academy ballet club, will hold a ballet concert on May 29. This year’s production is titled “100 Days,” and is a culmination of the efforts of the club’s choreographers, performers and producers.

The theme was chosen by Emilie Getts, who is one of the producers of this year’s show because of the storyline and the vast range of interpretation that it offers.


Through poignant dance and music, the ABCCA ballet team will be unfolding a graceful and heartwarming story of Alice and Emmanuel. The chaotic battle field, the killing of a precious daughter, the repentance of a young soldier, and the forgiveness of the mother under the supervision of Emilie Getts and Carrie Bordeau.

Jessica Martinson, portrays Emmanuel’s desperate struggle in the prison vividly through breathtaking facial expressions and spectacular motions. Deeply moved by God’s forgiveness and redemption, Emmanuel repents and lives a new life.


Emmanuel’s heart has also changed as he experiences Christ’s mercy and redemption through Alice’s forgiveness. Alice and Emmanuel’s story portrayed by the ABCCA ballet team lucidly tells us of God’s great mercy and redemption, and how His interference in our lives can completely change the course of our lives.


Each piece represents the choreographers’ interpretation of the story, whether it be coming from their actual experiences or a literal interpretation of the feelings and sympathy, and each dance tells an intricate story of the “100 Days.” The show begins at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 29, at the Bingu International Conference Center Auditorium.  Tickets are being sold at ABC Christian Academy, Bauer’s, Papaya, and Lark Café, and they are going: VIP: MK 10,000, Adult: MK 5,000, Child: MK 3,000, ABC College Students: MK 1,000.


Last year, it was a sold out event at the Bingu International Conference Center. We are looking forward to another great performance this year! Be there and witness an exquisite Malawian ballet performance.

*Additional reporting by Gi-Weon Yang (ABCCA student) *

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Stepping in from Lilongwe’s cool breeze on Saturday afternoon, down into Koko Bean Café, you would have been able to witness the launch of George Kalukusha‘s new EP, “Growing Pains“. Rosha and Edson – that’s the George Kalukusha Trio – and to a crowded open space of pleased music patrons, they put on a great show, rolling out their slide-based bluesy collection from their new E.P. assisted in the key tracks by Rosha on the long bass.

The show was enlivened by a spectacular performance from Menes, who was followed by Adrian also appears on the 6th track titled ‘’The Night Is Young’ on this remarkable CD. The EP also features 2014 MUMA award-winner for best male R’n’B artist, Danny Kalima.

Adrian plays guitar and when combined with George’s rhythms, what a groovy sound this makes. He was joined on stage by the forthcoming presence of Gwamba, Lulu and Third Eye who did a special guest set with his howling-reed style of punch lines.

Patrons at the event enjoyed and sang along to the most favored track from the EP, “Good Blood’. With its driving force, rhythm and the strong message, it sent people home with delightful memories of the well-organized event.

‘George and the band put on a really good show indeed – might have been nice if more of Malawians appreciated the great talent on stage and help each other put the talents to good use’, said Sally Nyondo, prominent owner of “Koko Bean Café” who is also a well known musician.

Most of the songs in the EP were produced by George’s brother, Shadreck Kalukusha, and some by Samuel Genda. The track-list is as follows;

  1. One Two Steps
  2. Slow down (Call Me)
  3. Good Blood
  4. Caravan
  5. Fond Of Me (feat Danny Kalima)
  6. The Night is Young (feat Adrian & Danny Kalima)

Good Blood, the 3rd song in the EP is available for free download on Malawi-Music.com. Download it here

You can get hold of your own copy of George Kalukusha’s Growing Pains EP at the Koko Bean Café and The Living Room Café.

Pictures from the event:

IMG_8377 IMG_8379 IMG_8371 IMG_8364 IMG_8361

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Music videos are becoming a popular way for artists to push beyond the boundaries of standard music promo, creating something far more engaging for fans apart from just listening to the songs.

Rapper Martse has unveiled the music video for his single ‘Mwapindulanji’. Directed and shot by Bensam (who has worked with the likes of Dan Lu, Dali (Tech) and Blaze), Martse’s new video is typically artistic and full of visual metaphors.

From the chess playing with Rastafarians to live performances at Golf Club and at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, it’s Martse, who never disappoints and undoubtedly ‘Mwapindulanji’ is one of the strongest songs on his 2014 collection.

Mwapindulanji by Billy Kaunda from way back was the Jackpot when he recently released another song based on the same strategy also titled Mwapindulanji through Freshmans Records recorded by Martse, Madela and AK.

The rapper has released about seven singles in 3 years, which took people by surprise and they are all top jams. Out of the seven top released tracks, “Mwano” is the latest release which features R’n’B marvel Kell Kay. “Zikumpweteka featuring Mafo,” “Grace Chi,” “Pini Ya Blackberry,” “Wandilira featuring Chance” and “Go Deeper” are all top hits from Martse’s back catalog. The latest track, “Mwano,” is a romantic-spoken-word bit about the “various stages that a man goes through in relation to his allure to the opposite sex” that he also has a video out which was Directed by Dir. V of HGI.

Mwapindulanji is number 9 in the list of Malawi’s Gold tracks (20k+ downloads) since 2010 compiled by Malawi’s top music download site Malawi-music.com

Watch and download Mwapindulanji here (direct link: http://tinyurl.com/mwapindulanji-video)

*Additional reporting by Sylvester Kumwenda (Malawi News Agency)*

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Hip-hop sensation and producer Dj Kali has released his new single “Love U Better”. The song premiered earlier this morning by Malawi’s music top music site (www.malawi-music.com), is among some of the songs Dj Kali and his team finished off his upcoming studio album which is scheduled to be released later this year.

The song which features songstress Ruth Kulaisi was written and composed by Dj Kali himself, and it was produced by himself and Yesaya and Jabay Nkhwazi. Most of the songs in the album are produced in collaboration with NP Production, Q Malewezi and Joshua Matonga, and recorded by Dj Kali’s Mawu Productions and Joshua Matonga’s Crystal Multimedia in Area 10.

The track is upbeat, driven by a good beat and softened with Ruth’s voice; pleading and clear in tone. The track sets the scene for the rest of the album – one that exhibits both Ruth and Dj Kali’s growing maturity more-so than songs they have both done way back.

Yamikani Kalizang’oma better known under his stage name Dj Kali is a Malawian DJ, Sound Engineer, Producer, Lecture, manager and event organizer who is very well known singer all over the country and beyond. He also the brother to well-known producer AK (real name Alinafe Kalizang’oma).

“Love U Better” feat. Ruth Kulaisi is available for download on Malawi-Music.com and you can download it here http://m.malawi-music.com/2643_love_u_better_feat._ruth_kulaisi_/?a=1

What do you think about Dj Kali’s new single? Comment your views below…

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Blantyre-based musician Viceroy, who is set to perform at the Daliso Chaponda ‘Laughgate’ show on April 25th, has promised his fans a show to remember. The rapper said he is ready to give his fans the very best performance at the show.

The Chancellor College student, disclosed that he will perform most of his popular songs that people are familiar with and also hinted that he ‘might’ do ‘more’ (new) songs. When asked what people should expect of him at the show, he answered by saying ‘I’m told what I do on stage does not suit how I look. They should expect the full Nguvu of Ankolo Vice. I’m super hyped and excited so this should be a good experience for the audience and me.

We had a chance to ask the artist a few questions on the upcoming show and his music in general. See below:

What inspires you when you are making your music?
It’s something I can’t quite understand myself. I get inspiration from pretty much anything. I could be cooking at home (yes Ankolo cooks) or taking a random walk or doing any basic thing and an idea will just hit me so I just record a voice note on my phone and work on it later. It’s rare for me to sit down with the intention of writing a song. The ideas just hit me when I’m doing other things.
What is your new song ‘Faya’ all about?
Well Faya was basically lyricism. I was hungry for the studio when I wrote that song and I wanted to just show people I still got it because some people only know the crazy side of Viceroy. Sadly there is still more madness to it here and there in the song. I also released that song because most of the songs in the project I’m working on, are dark and a bit more emotional and serious than people might expect. Of course there are some mad songs as well. I just thought it would make me feel better that way to start the year with that song knowing what’s about to follow.

Do you plan on doing music as a career, and how do you balance music and college?
Ummmm… well yes, I surely hope to do music as a career but not necessarily now. My priority at the moment is school. Once I finish college then I will dedicate everything to further my music career. I never really find it difficult to balance school and music. I do music when school closes and once I’m at school I let music go and go to war with the books.

Should people expect more new music and videos?
Yes, there is a lot I am currently working on. But this year I want to focus on more videos. I think it’s time to put a face to the name. They might not be too many videos. But when people get to watch the videos I’ll work on, I want them to recognise that there was a lot of effort in creating those particular music videos. At the moment I’m focusing on my personal projects and working with the Classmates… so at least not now

Viceroy will also share the stage at the show with Blantyre-based rapper Classick and comedians Dee Satha and Neil Nayer. Viceroy is famous for his hit-single Demeti, which went viral in the music scenery.

Tickets to the “Laughgate” show are priced MK5, 000 for standard and MK10, 000 for VIP and are available at Papaya, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Ulendo Travel group, Living Room Café and Flavour’s Cafe.

You can download Viceroy’s songs/videos here: http://tinyurl.com/viceroymusic

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Rapper Classick is gearing up to perform at Daliso Chaponda’s concert set for this month in the capital Lilongwe. Billed “Laughgate,” the show is sure to be a star-studded affair as the show will also grace performances by comedians Dee Satha and Neil Nayer.


The comedy show will take place in Lilongwe at the Bingu International Conference Centre on Saturday (April 25). In addition to the Blantyre-based rapper, Viceroy will also be performing at the show. Fans of Home Grown Africa which consists of (Classick and Hayze Engola) are also in for a treat as the duo is considering performing special renditions of some of their No. 1 hits “Die Hard,” and “Radio”

Home Grown Africa

The duo is currently on tour with Southern Bottlers on the Coca-Cola Kuphaka Life drive which started at College of Medicine in Blantyre followed by Mzuzu University, they will also be performing at Natural Resources College on Saturday afternoon of the April 25th.

Classick live

Tickets for the “Laughgate” show are available at MK5, 000 for standard and MK10, 000 for VIP at Papaya, Crossroads Hotel Business Centre, Ulendo Travel group, Living Room Café and Flavour’s Cafe. All tickets will be sold in advance as there will be no tickets for sale at the door.

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Today one of most creative and artist to watch, Macelba, has released a music video for his single “Wina Ndi Wina” off his Chosadziwa mixtape. Released on Malawi-Music.com’s Youtube channel, this single is a strong impression of how the artist executes his high-spirited style, representing a more youthful and creative generation in the music industry.

The song talks about the problem of having double personalities and how people strive to create impressions that are not their own true personalities, it also addresses issues of being judgmental when you don’t know the reasons behind someone’s actions.

“Wina Ndi Wina” was shot and directed by VJ Ice and Slim Jay who are among Malawi’s top directors in the music video production industry. The two have also done work for Janta, Nyasa Queens, and more. The pair previously directed Janta’s video for “Divorce”, but this video marks their first time working with Macelba.

“I think that they are both such funny and awesome people individually to work with,” Macelba tells Malawi-Music.com, “that when you get them together, the chemistry and authenticity of their working friendship really translates on screen.”

Check out the video below; Macelba’s songs are available for download here

You can also download the video directly here http://tinyurl.com/wina-ndi-wina

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Malawi’s music production industry has grown profoundly over the past years, with a lot of new players and a stiff competition in both production quality, and clientele outreach.

We’ve had the chance to interview Anthony Malisawa, also known as VJ Ice, the famous Malawian music video producer and director. He answered our questions, on how musicians and video producers can adapt to the visual digital world, and make a difference, and the secret to his success in the industry.

20 QUESTIONS with Anthony Malisawa aka VJ Ice

1. What is your job description?
To be honest, I am a lot of things, I am a video producer who directors and shoots music videos, a radio personality currently working at Beyond FM and a DJ too. As a producer I’ve worked with actors, animators, celebrities, composers, directors, musicians, non-profits, singers, and writers. I’ve shot projects on location, in a studio in many places countrywide.

I’ve produced projects for musicians, weddings, NGOs as TV well stations. I’ve done fundraising, marketing, promotion, budgeting, script development and graphic design. Am a graphic designer and a programmer too.

2. How did you choose to be a producer as your career?
It’s like the job choose me. Networking is the key to success in the video production industry. Strong communication and people skills. Tenacity and perseverance pay off especially when combined with passion and vision. Flexibility, creativity, hard work. An attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind.

You have to have thick skin and not take rejection personally – because it’s a tough business. They don’t call it “show business” for nothing. As a producer, you have to like the “business” as much as the “show.”

3. What does it take to be successful in this field?
It takes a lot of dedication. Not everybody will be supportive of your work. You need to have a sharp mind to think what’s next for your production and how to support yourself to make it out.

4. Is it hard to get into producing and directing videos?
No it’s not hard to start-up. Get yourself a little school from Youtube and you be on your way to directing hottest music videos and movies. But what really makes you, and gets you started is your passion for the work, if you have it, then just follow your heart and you are set.

5. What was the first musical experience that really touched you to venture in the video production business?
Nature sounds have always been way more intense for me than music, especially when I was a little kid. I can remember as a kid, I used to sneak and deejay when I was in like Standard 4, till and that has grown in me till today. So I can say music itself is the whole experience to me doing all I do.
6. How has the process of making music videos changed for you over the years?
A lot has changed ever since we ventured into this music video business. A lot of high tech gadgets coming out every year making our videos more real.

7. How did you switch from using hardware to using software for making music video effects – and maybe back again? Has that changed the way you write video scripts, direct and produce the videos?
I love the feel of realness in a music video. Visual effects are good but I it’s the best experience when you find a way of doing it real so the video itself should look real. Like smoke machines, strobe lights and body paint (make-up artist).

8. Are you ambitious? If so, towards what ends?
I’m trying to do the best thing imaginable – that’s my ambition. And I try this by making good music videos. When you make a video and you watch it, it changes you and then it gives you an idea of something new to do. It’s a constantly evolving process. Every time you make a video, if you’re on form, you should be imaging what you want to see, which is basically how you want it to be. I would also love my production to reach as far out of Malawi as possible, make the name represent my homeland proudly. My dream is to make a high budget film one day.

9. As you’re getting into a phase of your career where you’re finding yourself among often much younger video-makers and producers: Do you sometimes feel it is important to pass some of your ideas and techniques to those who are curious about them?
Yes, they say knowledge is passed on to us by birth, so the same applies to my skills, they will have to be passed on. But the business of production has changed a lot since I started out. In many ways, it is more democratic and less hierarchical than when I entered the business. Digital technology has changed the media world dramatically in that both shooting and editing capabilities are accessible to non-professionals.

The newest revolution is in the expanding web and social networking opportunities for media distribution that both individuals and experienced professionals are exploring in terms of how to generate profit. Stay on top of all of the technology changes. On the creative end — figure out what story you want to tell or what issues you are passionate about.

10. What other producers, directors/videographers do you see as your primary inspirations?
The producers that have inspired me the most are Chipiliro Khonje, Ron CZ and Essim M’bwana of Animal Lab, just to mention a few

11. What is distinctive about a Flashlight production?
Our trademark stands on classic, quality and contemporary video production. Simple and hard-hitting. We aim to be different from everyone else’s production in the country and abroad while learning new things in the process.

12. Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?
Obviously we feel strongly about Canny One aka Africa since that was one of our first big productions. It´s also an honour to get to work with great artists like The Daredevils, Janta, Dan Lu and Lawi

13. Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?
Ever since the first Tay Grin record hit the streets, we´ve been dreaming about working with him. Other artists I think we could create magic with are Phyzix and Zyuga, just to name a few.
14. What can we expect from Flashlight in 2015?
We have many new exciting projects lined up for us in 2015. We are blessed to work with the best people in the industry, and we´ll definitely do our best to have much of our work present on the charts. All we can do is just continue having fun and create the music videos that we love. At the end of the day it´s the public that will decide. So expect more mind-blowing music videos, a movie and lots of photo-shoots and of course not forgetting involvement in charity work to give back to the community course.

15. What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music videos and video production in general?
I love deejaying and taking pictures. But when I am not in the studio my main focus is my family. They are part of the team and give they give me great joy. Once in a while it´s also fun just to hang with friends or go clubbing.

16. Does it suck to be you?
No, I’m really happy with who I am. Only that my shoes wouldn’t fit a lot of people.

17. Have you ever had a ghost, a spirit or an accident speak directly to you through making music or while making music?
No, but I always felt a presence or something, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s just a human condition, but it always feels like the gods are looking down on me and are like: ‘Ah, let’s make him do this’, because a lot is involved when coming up with concepts of music video or a film. So I can say I have ghosts within myself….lol

18. If you were curating a party or festival, what would be your dream line up of local and urban music artists?
I don’t know! But I have this musical fantasy, where I would like to rewind and follow bands and producers back in time when they made a special recording. To watch how ‘Kaphiri Ka Kwathu by Ned Mapira’ got made or how Fumbi Jazz Band put together some of their music. What they did in their lives leading up to recording this. But my modern day concert would include Gwamba, Kanye West, Uhuru, AKA, Minor Insticnts, Chronixx and Pratoranking

19. And what is your idea figure of a well budgeted music video?
– The budget for a good video should start from atleast 800 US Dollars (approx. MK 350, 400.00) going upwards.

20. What is your say on Malawi music promotion and what can you advice can you give to all artists and players in the music and art production industry?
– Music promotion is there and only thing lacking is the promotion of the art itself. We have come far to have our music recognized. We can do more to make it international. Our local music producers are doing well done professional records and we have a wide range of music video producers around now, so all I can say is that lets all hold hands and support one another and press things so we make it out together.

You can watch some of VJ Ice’s productions here: https://www.youtube.com/user/VjICeFilm/videos

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djice

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vjice

Instagram: https://instagram.com/icethavj/


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Cassper Nyovest who has just finalized his Malawi Tour last Sunday in Lilongwe, has hailed and rated his experience in Malawi as extraordinary and special.

The South African recording artist and record producer, real name Refiloe Maele Phoolo had sold out concerts in both Blantyre and Lilongwe on Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd respectively.

Before the performances, Cassper Nyovest gave a motivation and inspirational talk at Zingwangwa Secondary School in Blantyre, where the organizer of the concerts Mango Entertainment made a donation for a year-long supply of The Nation Newspapers, to keep the student up-to-date on current affairs as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

During his visit to the secondary school, Nyovest, who traces his roots back to Malawi, spoke about chasing dreams and hard work.

“My grandfather grew up in the village but left Malawi looking for a better life, he had a dream. Everyone has a dream, we have aspirations which determine how far we [are] going to get. You can be whatever you want to be.

“I started my music in my bedroom and wanted to become a big rapper. My friends laughed at me when I said I wanted to become a millionaire and now they look at me as their inspiration,” he shared his story.

Commenting on his trip to Malawi, the rapper expressed his excitement to be in the country and said “it was a special trip”. The 24-year-old indicated it felt amazing to be in Malawi and speak to his people for the first time.

The artist who flew back to South Africa Monday morning said he would be back in Malawi soon.

Organizers of the event, Mango Entertainment have expressed gratitude to all the sponsors of the tour and fans who attended the concerts and made it success. They have also emphasizes that Malawians should be on the lookout for 3 more big concerts within this year.

Here are some of the pictures from the tour (from arrival at Chileka Airport, visit to Zingwangwa Secondary School, Blantyre and Lilongwe Concerts), captured by TOYA photography:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Steve Kamanga T-Lee

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Battafly has finally released the long awaited video to arguably the biggest song off his album, “You Never Know“.

Nothing short of an arch-classic well-directed video, the flick which also features some of Malawi’s top models, Cathy Chisanga and Angella Msiska, is a classy pictorial with a brief love-staged storyline about it.

Battafly in one of the scenes
Battafly in one of the scenes

Shot in Blantyre on different beautiful and crisp scenes, the Ron CZ produced, and Yung Degree directed video is nothing but top notch. The audio was produced by Dj Sley.

Battafly real name Thom Sean Mkomadzinja, is a Blantyre-based multi-talented ​d​
ance-hall artist.

Among others, he is a both a graphic, beat-maker and producer, just to mention a few.

Inspired into music by his uncle’s, Battafly has worked and shared stages with artists like Bucci, Gwamba, Nesnes, Blak Jak, King Chambiecco​, among others.​

You can watch Unali Kuti here below:

You can also download the audio here:


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Piksy fans, get ready to lose your minds!

The lovable afro-pop star not only announced the release of his second album called “Mthunzi” last week Sunday, but they also premiered a new song, “Tifatse” which features rapper Gwamba.

Tifatse is a fusion of pasada and afro-pop with a rhythm and a touch of R’n’B. The song addresses issues of love and purity. It also asks people in relationships to persevere when problems arise in their endeavors hence the title ‘Tifatse.’

After almost a year of work putting together his long-awaited Mthunzi album, Blantyre-based afro-pop star Piksy (real name Evans Zangazanga) is finally setting a release date to be announced soon.

Piksy’s new album, which Malawi-music.com forecasts will be his best in a decade, will include additional production credits and guest appearances from major tastemakers from today’s music scene.

Download Tifatse here http://m.malawi-music.com/2501_tifatse_ft_gwamba/

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The 2014 MUMA Awards are over, the winners have been declared, and it looks like Dan Lu and Princess Chitsulo hasveemerged victorious with the most wins of the night.

The “Holy Ghost” singer took home the awards for Best Contemporary Afro Pop and Best Male Artist, making him the second multiple award-winner for Friday night (Feb. 27), the first being Princess Chitsulo who won 2 awards for Best Gospel Female and Song of the Year for her Ndidzayimbabe track.

Tay Grin also won one of biggest awards for the night in the category of Best Hip-Hop/Rap artist.

Here is the complete list winners for the 2014 MUMA Awards:

Best Hip hop and Rap award                       –              Tay Grin

Best RnB Male                                                   –              Danny Kalima

Best Gospel Female                                         –              Princess Chitsulo

Best Gospel Male                                              –              King James

Best reggae artist                                              –              Sally Nyundo

Best contemporary Afro Pop                       –              Dan Lu

Best Dancehall Artist                                       –              Nesnes

Best New Male Upcoming Artist                 –              Bingolingo

Song of the Year                                                –              Ndidzayimbabe by Princes Chitsulo

Best Female Artist                                            –              Favoured Martha

Best Male Artist                                                 –              Dan Lu

Best Gospel Group                                           –              Kamuzu Barracks

Best Band                                                            –              Lusubilo

Best Acoustic Artist                                          –              Lawi

Best Neo Traditional Artist                            –              Edgar ndi Davis


Bingolingo 2
Bingolingo, Best New Male Upcoming Artist
Dan Lu 2
Dan Lu, Best contemporary Afro Pop and Best Male Artist
Sally Nyundo 2
Sally Nyundo, Best reggae artist
Tay Grin 2
Tay Grin, Best Hip Hop and Rap


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Reach Out Arts (ROAR) has organized an acoustic show this Saturday, 28th February. The show, in association with The Champions Bars, is aimed squarely at providing a fully-dedicated event for lovers of music, the acoustic guitar and other acoustic instruments.

Gwamba has been releasing excellent music the past year to date, it will be a pleasing site to see these amazing songs in an acoustic performance. You don’t want to miss this.

This Saturday, join three of Malawi’s finest and freshest musicians for a first of its kind acoustic soul, folk and rap session at Champions Bar in Lilongwe,

The official line up comprises of MUMA Award nominee and hip hop sensation Gwamba featuring Adrian

Folk, sensation George Kalukusha and at the show, a new soulful sound will be introduced from Lilongwe Sweetheart and Music Crossroads going by the name, Liz.

It’s Saturday 28th October, Its only MK 2000 admission. It’s Fusion Music but it’s Simply Acoustic.

Simply Acoustic
Simply Acoustic


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Marketing and banking may be his day job but Phyzix’s (real name Noel Limbani Chikoleka) talent for hip-hop and urban music will propel him to the international stage.

Originally from Lilongwe’s Area 25, Phyzix, 28, is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing currently working fulltime with Opportunity Bank (OIBM) as a Marketing Officer, which makes it challenging for the rapper to work on his studio projects. But this didn’t stop the rapper from releasing his Gamba wa Suit album in May last year.

The 7-track album came with a bang with tracks like Mwa Chibwana which features Eddie, ChiNyimbo ft Gwamba, Martse and Emm Q. Phamwamwa ft Janta, Ineyo Ndilemera ft Krazie-G, Chikondi Chokoma ft. Eddie, Lady Pace and Jessie, Patricia ft Janta. All these songs are enjoying good airplay on many of the country’s radio stations and beyond.

Phyzix has recently received criticism from many quarters including The Nation Newspaper for his nomination in the Hip-Hop category at the 2nd Annual Music Malawi Awards which will take place on Friday, 27th February 2015 at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe. The article which was published in the national daily quoted that Phyzix was nominated for the award despite being inactive in the music industry.

When contacted to comment on the allegations, Phyzix said he was shocked when he read article, “I feel the article was not well researched, for example I have released great music last year like the household song Mwa Chibwana, which is a definite hit song, in fact all of the tracks from the Gamba Wa Suit album which I released last year got thousands of downloads on Malawi’s number one music website Malawi-Music.com and they are enjoying good radio play and club spins” said the rapper, expressing disbelief that people cannot acknowledge his hard work in the Malawi music industry.

He continued by saying “I have a full time job, I have a business to run, school plus farming, but I still make music because it is my passion. These days I only record a few songs that will make an impact, a few collaborations with the right people, a few shows that are major such as the Cassper Nyovest Show which is the biggest show as of late (2015).  I am climbing up the corporate ladder as a professional so I don’t have time to be at every show or record a lot of songs. Plus I’m no longer all over the place. That was Gamba. But Gamba wa Suit is classy and reserved.”

“During the time that is being said that I was inactive, I was contracted by a commercial bank to compose and perform a theme song at various events. Apart from that, I am working with a youth empowerment organization on a project for orphans and refugees. I am also negotiating record deals with a number of labels including Ben Sam Entertainment, what record label will sign an inactive artist? I am part of the A Team and been making appearances at all shows involving the A-Team. The A-Team comprises of Gwamba, Phyzix, Third Eye, Krazie-G, Martse, Dali, Blaze, Mwanache, Ben Sam, Sagonjah and AK.”

“I made a successful comeback in the history of Malawi Hip Hop, my comeback has been stronger than I was originally which is a hard thing to do.”

“Very few people come back better. Hip-Hop is very competitive, so I feel that I deserve both the nomination and to win the award. I am very confident that I will win. The world loves me. I connect with people. But otherwise win or lose, my mother told me I am a great musician and the nomination itself speaks volumes and it is well deserved.”

The Mwa Chibwana star further said he will be releasing Bayum Thiii with Dali, Gwamba, Martse, Krazie G, and Blaze under Ben Sam Entertainment which he guarantees that it will be hit of the year. He also stated that he is working on a new song with Barry One, and another one with Gwamba and music videos will follow for himself and the A-Team.

Phyzix has collaborated and worked with UK’s Sway of Konvict Music, UK’s Dekker & Johan(Radioclit), The Very Best,KoNd-1, Zinja, Tapps Bandawe, Tay Grin, Theo Thomson, Young Kay, Lulu, Piksy, Anne Matumbi, Daredevils, Third Eye, Dominant 1, Tigris and Jinx just to mention a few. He has shared a stage with Somalia’s gem; K’naan during the 2010 World Cup viewing.

He has performed at Lake of Stars International Music festival, WAPi (Words and Pictures), Domestic Tourism Music festival, La fete de la Musique (French Music festival) including a lot of shows in localities such as Karonga, Chitipa, Mzuzu, Zomba, Nkhatabay, Lilongwe, Salima, Mangochi and Blantyre.

He has released 3 mixtapes and 3 albums: The Overdue, Black stars don’t shine, From the Dust, his day view album; The Lone Ranger, sophomore album: Secret Service, and Gamba wa Suit which will be officially launched this year with music videos, and a short album will follow later this year.

SMS “hop5” to 58411 (Airtel only) to VOTE for PHYZIX as BEST HIP HOP artist at the MUSIC MALAWI AWARDS (MUMA). Each SMS costs K25.

Stream and download Phyzix’s Gamba wa Suit here http://m.malawi-music.com/album.php?id=455

Also watch Phyzix’s Performance at Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre here http://youtu.be/-phs-eCydho

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While you were sleeping, ‘China Love’ star Aycee James took a page from her mentor Jude ‘MI’ Abaga and unexpectedly dropped a new rap song as part of her upcoming project.

The song produced by Keith Mwale, comes barely 3 months after the rapper-cum-singer released a track titled ‘Crazy’ featuring Bucci last December, 2014.

‘The track will be part of an album that I’m currently working on, in a different way. There is so much rap that I am dropping this year, I was basically a rapper before I was a singer. As of late, I have been releasing pop-like music and not hip-hop or rap. So even when I sing, I still have the rap instinct in me’ said the rapper when asked to comment on her latest release.

Aycee adds, “I wrote the song because people think they can take shots at people in the public eye and that the celeb will take the high road. Well this song is letting everyone know that even though I’m a singer, I’m a real rapper that likes to have a solid understanding of respect in any relationship that I have with music.”

She continued by saying her fans should expect a lot this year, as she has mad collabos in the upcoming project and music videos coming out.

‘I’m at a stage where If I fall I’ll land in the crowd/ Living in the sky so if I fall I’ll land in the cloud’

‘Put my hands on em like a prophet and watch em going down/ Thinking they gone blow but I came up and I’m wearing a crown’ she raps in the new track.

The new track, called “#ACB”, addresses her absence in the rap scene and the 24-year-old goes into rapid-fire mode calling out haters to stop beef and pay attention to their own progress.

Check out “#ACB” below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Download Aycee James – #ACB here http://tinyurl.com/lx67d43



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Iconic Malawian producer Jeremy Matewere well known by his stage and production name BFB, one of Malawi hip-hop music’s most recognized acts, is finishing up his highly anticipated studio album Vicious Man.

Today, we finally got word on BFB’s first single ‘Grind Hard’. What makes this song special this time? Well, BFB recorded and produced the song himself at Exclusive Records, and when BFB produces a song, we all know what that means: top-class quality. But that is not all, the song itself carries a unique message.

The song is titled Grind Hard and it goes to all people that waste time talking instead hustling. It is spiced up with Tumbuka intro and outro, it also mixes the intrinsic local Chichewa accent and English. BFB offsets the informative lyrics with an arrangement of a simple beat and gently propulsive drums that gives his bluntly honest self-assessment a remarkable buoyancy, as well as a more-than-passing resemblance to the softly 808’s new school type of thing. To be honest, the song is a club banger.

“Grind Hard” is available instantly for download on Malawi-Music.com or direct link here http://m.malawi-music.com/2422_grind_hard_%28ukunama_ukunama%29/

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Bensam Entertainment-signed artists, Dali aka Tech and Blaze will share the stage with South African hip-hop icon, Cassper Nyovest who will be performing in Malawi at College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre on Saturday, 21 March, 2015 and another show has been set for Alexander’s Pub Courtyard in the capital city, Lilongwe on Sunday, 22 March, 2015, a day after the Blantyre concert.

The two, will be opening acts for both shows in Blantyre and Lilongwe. Commenting on the development, the Nyamulira star, real name Dalitso Nyirenda, said he is humbled and overwhelmed with opportunity and has promised fireworks at both Blantyre and Lilongwe shows.

Also performing at the shows are Prime Time Media’s Gwamba, Phyzix, Fredokis and BagPac, among others.

Mango Entertainment, the Malawian company that is bringing South Africa’s multi-award winning rapper, Cassper Nyovest to perform in Malawi, will start selling tickets to the Cassper Nyovest Blantyre and Lilongwe concerts in two weeks’ time. This gives fans enough time to save for this high profile live music show, which fun-goers in the two cities, aged 16-35, cannot afford to miss. Ticket prices are as follows: Standard tickets will be K5, 000 advance and K6, 000 on the door; VIP tickets will be K8, 000 advance and K10, 000 on the door. Ticket selling points will be announced in due course.

About Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest, also a record producer was born Refiloe Maele Phoolo. His debut album Tsholofelo was released on 18 July 2014. He is currently signed to his own independent label and media company, “Family Tree”.

Cassper Nyovest is at the moment South Africa’s hottest hip-hop act and has been releasing hit after hit as time passes. His singles such “Gusheshe” and “Doc Shebeleza” are currently topping charts and his new single “Phumakim” is currently South African radios most requested track.

Cassper has also released another song of his album called “Tsibip” which is slowly climbing up charts and has collaborated with American hip-hop legend Talib Kwali for the remix of “Doc Shebeleza” which is a milestone in the African Music industry. He Is travelling the continent performing for different crowds and leaving them breathless with his energetic well-choreographed performances.

He has won several awards, including the 2013 SA Hip Hop Awards Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, Video of the Year and Best Freshman for the song “Gusheshe” and Album of the year and Best Digital sales for “Tsholofelo”. In 2014, “Doc Shebeleza” won the Song of the Year in the SA Hip Hop Awards, while the same year 2014 he won the Channel O Music Video Awards Most Gifted Male, Most Gifted Southern Artist and Most Gifted Video of the Year. “Doc Shebeleza” is the new DStv theme song.

Download Dali’s Nyamulira here: http://www.malawi-music.com/component/muscol/D/345-dali-tech/587-nyamulira/2095-nyamulira-ft-dan-lu/

Downlaod Neighbors Daughter by Blaze here: http://www.malawi-music.com/component/muscol/B/297-blaze/622-blaze-neighbours-daughter/

Cassper Nyovest's Malawi tour
Cassper Nyovest’s Malawi tour

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#NdifeAmodzi, #SaveMalawi

Musicians are to unite in a concert to raise money for the people displaced and affected by floods in many parts of Malawi.

On Saturday, January 24, an all-star line-up will perform a benefit concert at the Flood Hall, Lilongwe City Mall – to enhance fundraising efforts for disaster relief in Malawi. The concert is the latest fundraiser in the #Umodzi and #SaveMalawi campaign.

#NdifeAmodzi, #SaveMalawi
#NdifeAmodzi, #SaveMalawi

The concert line-up for January 24, includes Tay Grin, Gwamba, Autocrat, Timoteo Malawi, RoyView, Rebirth, PeterMo, LovC, Spark, Cosby Ngumuya, Don Tars, Big Tar, Synik, Mwanache, producer BFB, Martse, Malinga, Ishan Capital, Kell Kay, Aycee and many more with Anne Matumbi hosting the show and DJ Flame on the ones and twos.

At the concert, there will be a booth setup specially for those that would like to make donations, be it cash, foodstuffs and clothing. All earnings from the concert will be given to the Department of Disaster Management.

Since the beginning of 2015, the rains has caused floods that affected 15 districts across Malawi with Nsanje being the worst hit. There are over 85,000 people displaced and 150 known deaths in Nsanje alone.

Nationwide there are up to 175,000 people displaced and 175 known deaths. This is not a problem the nation can fix overnight, this will take months and we call on the people of Malawi and the whole world to do what they can to help the needy.

We cannot replace the lives that were taken nor can we replace antiques but together we can help rebuild lives. There are camps where flood victims took refuge but do not have basic essentials like water, sufficient food, toothbrushes, pots and more.

So today we strive to provide these things to as many victims as we can. Let’s give them a better tomorrow by helping today.

If you are looking for a quick way to help the flood victims, just SMS “Ndife Amodzi” to 140 on Airtel Malawi network.

The code 140 is part and parcel of the campaign dubbed ‪#‎NdifeAmodzi. This is strictly an SMS code and all well-meaning citizens are called on to send a blank SMS or simply text ‘Ndife Amodzi’ to 140.

Each SMS costs MK100 and all proceeds shall be donated to the Department of Disaster Management and Red Cross. Please send as many SMSs as you can to help our brothers and sisters in need. ‪#‎NdifeAmodzi

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Model Sarah Chiundiza with one of the kids

Project April Models led by rapper Timoteo Malawi, donated assorted items to a nursery/orphan school in Lilongwe’s Area 47.

Some of the donated items
Some of the donated items

The models comprising of Sarah Chiundiza, Kissy Face and artists represented of Evanz, Timoteo Malawi, Capital Gal, Ababa from Anzukulu Crew and RoyView, came together on the 20th this month and donated assorted items which include diapers, baby milk and other household items which totaled to more than MK100, 000. The models also spent quality time with the kids at the nursery.

Sarah, Capital Gal, RoyView, Evanz, Ababa, Kissy Face and some of the nursery care-takers
Sarah, Capital Gal, RoyView, Evanz, Ababa, Kissy Face and some of the nursery care-takers

Speaking during the donation, Timoteo Malawi said, ‘the idea is to encourage models to get involved in societal work. It was a touching moment for us, and we are committed to more visits in the future to help the less privileged.

RoyView having a good time with one of the kids at the nursery
RoyView having a good time with one of the kids at the nursery

“We want to assist them in accordance with our vision as models and artists of being a compassionate, just and caring,” he continued.

Model Sarah Chiundiza with one of the kids
Model Sarah Chiundiza with one of the kids

The initiative is about encouraging Malawi models and urban artist to get actively involved with society and thus develop a sense of charity.

Capital Gal and Kissy Face spending quality time with one of the kids
Capital Gal and Kissy Face spending quality time with one of the kids